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Infrastructure Linux News for May 20, 2003

  • Tonight LIVE: The Smoking Gun? Microsoft's Back Door Funding of SCO! (2003-05-20 22:00:50)
    "As per last week's prediction of 'SCO looking a lot like Microsoft,' on tonight's show we will discuss more hot SCO news including what appears to be evidence of Microsoft violating their agreements with the Department of Justice on antitrust..."

  • Forbes: New Linux PDAs Blur the Lines Between Laptop & PDA (2003-05-20 20:30:17)
    "Japan's Sharp has been offering a line of PDAs that doesn't run on one of the dominant operating systems typical of handheld devices. There's no Palm OS nor Microsoft Pocket PC nor Symbian OS. Instead, the Zaurus devices run Linux--which has made them popular among devotees of that platform..."

  • Seattle Times: Microsoft Used Discounts Twice in European Deals (2003-05-20 17:30:01)
    "A controversial Microsoft program offering discounts to win business from lower-priced competitors has only been used twice in Europe since July, the company's top lawyer said yesterday..."

  • CNET News: Sun, HP: SCO Probably Won't Touch Us (2003-05-20 16:00:49)
    "Sun Microsystems and Hewlett-Packard say SCO Group's attempt to obtain royalties for inappropriate uses of Unix won't likely affect them, while Linux specialist Red Hat said it would defend itself vigorously against any challenges..."

  • AP/The Nando Times: Linux a Hot Topic at Microsoft Meeting (2003-05-20 14:30:19)
    "It doesn't top the official agenda, but as government leaders converge at Microsoft Corp. for an annual conference, one of the company's major competitors--Linux--is likely to be on executives' minds..."

  • OSNews: Installing Red Hat Linux 9 (The Manual Way) (2003-05-20 10:00:50)
    "To install Red Hat Linux 9, you do not really need to burn the iso image to a CD, neither do you need to go through a lengthy process of extracting the contents of the iso image and setting up an installation directory for a hard drive based install..."

  • developerWorks: Administer Linux on the Fly (2003-05-20 08:30:35)
    "The /proc filesystem is one of Linux's great features, and this article gives you a thorough grounding in some of its most useful aspects. With it, you can administer many details of the operating system without ever having to shut down and reboot the machine, which is a boon for those who need to keep their systems as available as possible..."

  • LinuxWorld: A New Distro in Town: Gentoo Emerges Victorious (2003-05-20 04:00:49)
    "The 'meta-distro' Gentoo makes it possible to compile and configure everything on your system exactly the way you like, providing you with more structure and tools to ease the process and automate updates. Do I still like Debian? I absolutely love it. But until further notice, Gentoo is now my flavor of Linux..."

  • Linux and Main: When Good Dogs Go Bad (2003-05-20 02:30:24)
    "Among those who know them, there are few things finer than a really good dog. And among everyone, there are few things worse than a really bad dog. When a good dog turns bad, it is a tragedy that leads invariably to the poor creature being, as they say, put to sleep... Linux companies are like that, too. Yes, I'm talking about the SCO Group..."