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Infrastructure Linux News for May 22, 2003

  • LinuxPlanet: Moving Files in Linux (2003-05-22 23:30:06)
    Getting files from one machine to another is a snap, right? Just fire up the old FTP client and upload and download away. Linux has a number of command-line FTP applications, some very good, and some not. Dee-Ann LeBlanc walks readers though the basics of some of the better tools available, and warns which tools might pose problems for you.

  • VNUnet: SCO Unix Licence Irrevocable, Says IBM (2003-05-22 22:00:03)
    "Big Blue Linux boss dismisses claims that AIX licence will be revoked on 13 June..."

  • Expatica.com: Battle Heats up Munich Software Deal (2003-05-22 19:00:12)
    "In a battle heating up over a software deal for the city administration of Munich, US giant Microsoft has lowered its price offer by 15 per cent in order to prevent the city switching to Linux..."

  • IDG.net: German Linux Association May Drop SCO as Member (2003-05-22 17:30:18)
    "LIVE Linux-Verband e.V., a German association promoting the interests of Linux users and software developers in the country, is mulling whether to drop the German subsidiary of The SCO Group Inc. as a member..."

  • Sydney Morning Herald: SCO Using Scare Tactics to Get Licensing Fees: FSF Chief (2003-05-22 16:00:40)
    "Bradley Kuhn, executive director of the Free Software Foundation, has accused the SCO Group of using scare tactics to convince companies to pay them licensing fees and/or support their suit against IBM..."

  • Sydney Morning Herald: SCO Official Defends Linux Sales After Suit was Filed (2003-05-22 14:30:48)
    "The SCO Group's product management director, Erik Hughes, says the company continued to sell its Linux products for over two months after suing IBM based on 'legal advice...'"

  • NewsForge: VNC: Virtually There and Back Again (2003-05-22 13:00:29)
    "Virtual Network Computing (VNC) is an unsung treasure of the open source world--a simple and useful tool for accessing remote computers. Now that I've had the chance to play with VNC I'm hooked on it..."

  • Linux Journal: Booting Your Business Card: Linux-BBC 2.1 (2003-05-22 11:30:17)
    "Walk up to any PC, pop in the CD and access a plethora of Linux tools and functionalities that get the job done and then some..."

  • LinuxWorld: Mandrake 9.1: Can Installation Get Any Easier? (2003-05-22 10:00:58)
    "I received a review copy of Mandrake Linux PowerPack 9.1 last week. I was happy to see it, but as I noted in the story about my frugal Red Hat 9 upgrade a couple of weeks ago, I'm a little hardware-challenged at the moment. Did I let that stop me...?"

  • PCLinuxOnline: How To Do a FTP SuSE 8.2 Install (2003-05-22 08:30:50)
    "I installed SuSE 8.2 (nice) via a FTP install last night. This was my second time to do a FTP install. It was not too difficult..."

  • BTVillarin: Vector Linux 3.2 Review (2003-05-22 04:00:11)
    "VL 3.2 comes in two different flavours: VL 3.2... and VL 3.2 SOHO... I tried the plain VL 3.2 first, even though it had just XFCE and IceWM window managers (no KDE 3.1)..."

  • NewsFactor: Patching Apache (2003-05-22 02:30:33)
    "The last thing anyone in the Apache community seems to want is to compromise its open-source roots and cause fragmentation of an extremely popular Web server. But most distributors also want to make money by fine-tuning it to run with their Linux distros..."

  • Raleigh News & Observer: Mozilla Dwarfs its Rivals (2003-05-22 00:00:49)
    "But when it comes to Web browsers for Windows, I spend 90 percent of my time in a single one: Mozilla..."