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Infrastructure Linux News for May 30, 2003

  • ComputerWeekly: Red Hat Reassures Linux Users (2003-05-30 22:00:31)
    "Red Hat has stressed to its customers that the SCO Group's claims against the operating system, although taken seriously by the company, are baseless..."

  • CNET News: Is This the End of Netscape? (2003-05-30 19:00:50)
    "'For the most part, it means Netscape is pretty much gone,' said Rob Enderle, an analyst for research firm Giga Information Group. 'AOL is going to continue indefinitely now on IE (Internet Explorer) and has no justification really to continue funding Netscape...'"

  • eWeek: Novell Douses 'Smoking Gun' Against SCO (2003-05-30 14:30:27)
    "Some members of the open-source community thought they had found a 'smoking gun' against the SCO Group and its claims to ownership of the intellectual property rights to the Unix operating system, but Novell Inc. on Thursday poured cold water on that..."

  • UNIXReview: Review: Kapital 1.1, GnuCash 1.8, and Moneydance (2003-05-30 10:00:38)
    "So, putting aside my distaste of accounting, I embarked upon an exploration of personal finance accounting packages for Linux..."

  • Linux Journal: Doing It All with OpenSSH, Part 1 (2003-05-30 08:30:19)
    "The secure shell is more than a simple way to keep your passwords to yourself. In this series, I take you from the basics through some nifty features that should make you wonder why you use anything else to communicate (well, almost)..."

  • LinuxDevices.com: Snapshot of the Embedded Linux Market - May, 2003 (2003-05-30 07:00:03)
    "The results of LinuxDevices.com's annual Embedded Linux Market Survey are now in, and they provide an interesting profile of the ascendant embedded Linux software market..."

  • NewsFactor: Domo Arigato, Linux Roboto (2003-05-30 04:00:49)
    "Worldwide, RTLinux robots test milk, pick fruit, and handle DNA samples, among other tasks, FSMLabs president Victor Yodaiken told NewsFactor. A Linux real-time system is for robots that require 'very precise control over positioning,' he said..."

  • LinuxWorld: Why the Best for Linux is Still to Come (2003-05-30 01:00:39)
    "While conspiracy theories are fun, Joe Barr is certain of two things. One is that Linux is going to continue its inexorable march to the desktop. The second is that the Microsoft monopoly is not going to go gentle into that good night..."

  • LWN.net: A Couple of SCO Amusements (2003-05-30 00:00:14)
    LWN.net has a blurb with links to SCO's annual report that may further explain the SCO-Novell-UNIX relationship, as well as a link to a humorous pictoral summary of recent SCO-related events, starring none other than Roscoe P. Coltrane as SCO.