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Infrastructure Linux News for Jun 11, 2003

  • CRN: Torvalds Says SCO Won't Give Him Peek At Code Without NDA (2003-06-11 14:30:05)
    "The SCO Group has shown off a few hundred lines of Linux code that allegedly violates its rights to Unix but won't allow Linus Torvalds--the father of Linux--to take a peek without signing a non-disclosure agreement..." [Story repaired. -ed.]

  • Linux Journal: Linux Access in State and Local Government, Part I (2003-06-11 13:00:53)
    "A new series about the state of open source in government--where it's happening, what it's used for, who's for it and who's against it..."

  • LinuxDevices: Turning the SEGA Dreamcast into a Linux Firewall/Router (2003-06-11 11:30:47)
    "This highly detailed 101-page how-to article provides the necessary background and procedures to turn a SEGA Dreamcast gaming console into a Linux-based software router with firewalling and virtual private networking capabilities..."

  • KDE News: Setting Up Samba (2003-06-11 10:00:39)
    "This article has been written primarily for the benefit of newbies, who have advanced beyond the stage of changing wallpapers and alternating between desktops, and want to connect to another computer at home..."

  • NewsFactor: Microsoft Removal 101 (2003-06-11 08:30:25)
    "'The move to Linux is not a stampede. Linux is nibbling at the fringes,' Laura Didio, senior analyst at the Yankee Group, told NewsFactor, but a 'rip and replace' removal of Windows from the desktop is still very much the exception rather than the rule..."

  • OSNews: Using Slackware Linux as a Live CD Toolbox (2003-06-11 02:30:13)
    "Linux Live CD's are very popular these days, especially since the inception of Knoppix..."

  • ZDNet Australia: Time for Microsoft Linux? (2003-06-11 01:00:15)
    "Last week, Steve Ballmer sent a memo to the MS troops about the threat posed by Linux and the open source software movement. I have a suggestion for Steve and Co.: Don't beat 'em. Join 'em..."