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Infrastructure Linux News for Jun 13, 2003

  • CNET News: SCO Could Act Monday in IBM Unix Case (2003-06-13 20:00:55)
    "SCO Group's next move in its legal wrestling match with IBM likely will come Monday, possibly in the form of a request that a judge halt Big Blue's Unix product sales..."

  • ZDNet UK: Transmeta to Push Linux Devices in China (2003-06-13 19:00:04)
    "The chipmaker has bought a stake in a Chinese computer maker, which will develop and market devices based on Transmeta's own Linux distribution..."

  • Brazil Mandates Shift to Free Software: News and Response (2003-06-13 16:00:40)
    The Brazilian government is apparently planning to migrate 80 percent of all state-owned computers to Linux, according to a translated article from HispaLinux on PCLinuxOnline. But Tony Stanco of The Center of Open Source & Government has some concerns that such a mandate might not be such a good idea.

  • Analysts Who Saw SCO Code Begin to Pay Attention to Man Behind Curtain (2003-06-13 14:30:00)
    The analysts who took the NDA plunge are still putting forth their opinions. But Laura DiDio of the Yankee Group and Bill Claybrook from the Aberdeen Group are also starting to question the origins of what they saw. Two articles detailing their most recent statements, including an article from The Age where some clues to where some of the alleged source code violations might be.

  • developerWorks: Working with James, Parts 1 and 2 (2003-06-13 08:00:07)
    "This article is the first in a two-part series on the Java Apache Mail Enterprise Server, also known as James. It lays a foundation for understanding James and for developing server-side e-mail applications. The article provides a high-level overview, briefly touches on the Apache group's design objectives, and describes how to install and configure a workable development environment. You can also take a brief tour of the features supported by James..."