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Infrastructure Linux News for Jun 14, 2003

  • LinuxUser & Developer: SCO v. IBM (2003-06-14 05:30:22)
    Eben Moglen, General Counsel of the Free Software Foundation, shares his thoughts on the SCO/IBM farrago.

  • LWN: The Trillian Project : Proof of SCO's Actions (2003-06-14 04:00:19)
    "So, how did Linux become so capable of scaling beyond the heights of the old UNIXs. More importantly, who helped put what where...?"

  • I, Cringely: Twice As Much Nothing to Watch on TV (2003-06-14 02:30:36)
    Headline notwithstanding, Cringely reveals his theory on where the alleged tainted code in LInux came from and why SCO may have no real memory of how it happened. See the second half of the article for more details.

  • LinuxWorld: Linux Game Exemplifies New Kind of 'Free' Software (2003-06-14 01:00:45)
    "For you newbies out there who have not played Return to Castle Wolfenstein, this column is especially for you. If you've played RTCW, you probably know more about it than we do already, so skip ahead or just go download the game and play..."