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Infrastructure Linux News for Jun 19, 2003

  • VNUnet: Analysts Split Over SCO 'Evidence' (2003-06-19 22:00:17)
    "Licensing contracts under scrutiny as experts examine legal case against IBM..." A story that looks past the tainted code and delves into who really owns the code.

  • ZDNet UK: Industry Group Urges Government to Think Twice on Open Source (2003-06-19 20:30:59)
    "The UK government is considering dramatically increasing the use of open-source licences for publicly funded software, but an IT industry body says the risks may outweigh the benefits..."

  • LinuxPlanet: Yellow Dog 3.0 Better Red Hat than Red Hat 9 (2003-06-19 19:00:06)
    "How does a distribution that's a carbon copy of Red Hat 9 install and perform better than Red Hat 9 itself? By having the inside track on the platform being used, that's how. Brian Proffitt had the opportunity to use Red Hat 9 on an Intel notebook and Yellow Dog 3.0 on an iBook recently, and in terms of ease of installation and ease of use, Yellow Dog won by a big, wet nose..."

  • ZDNet UK: Microsoft Slashes Windows XP Price to Fend Off Linux (2003-06-19 17:30:28)
    "The software giant is joining the Thai government's 'people's PC' project with cut-rate versions of Windows XP and Office, a move designed to compete with low-cost Linux implementations..."

  • SearchEnterpriseLinux: 'OS Bigots Are Not What People Are Looking For' (2003-06-19 13:00:48)
    "If Windows folk truly want to be successful, they're going to have to learn other technologies required in today's heterogeneous environments," said... advisor Kenneth Milberg..."

  • Raleigh News & Observer: More Crushing of Rivals (2003-06-19 04:00:02)
    "Independent standards bodies? Maybe they're going the way of the moa, a huge, flightless bird native to New Zealand evidently eaten into extinction..."

  • Forbes.com: What SCO Wants, SCO Gets (2003-06-19 01:00:00)
    "In other words, like many religious folk, the Linux-loving crunchies in the open-source movement are a) convinced of their own righteousness, and b) sure the whole world, including judges, will agree..."