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Infrastructure Linux News for Jun 26, 2003

  • FindLaw: Penguin on Thin Ice? (2003-06-26 19:00:05)
    "But that rise in [SCO's] stock price may be illusory, for it seems unlikely that SCO's suit has any true merit. Rather than unfair competition, what likely occurred between SCO and IBM was healthy competition..."

  • VNUnet: Interview: SCO Chief Darl McBride Part 2 (2003-06-26 17:00:30)
    McBride's interview with VNUnet emphatically maintains his company's victimization at the hands of IBM... but also sends an interesting signal to Big Blue in the last two paragraphs of the article...

  • siliconvalley.internet.com: Lindows.com Upgrades OS with 4.0 (2003-06-26 15:00:21)
    "Continuing its efforts to win desktop share away from Microsoft, Lindows.com Wednesday launched a new version of its Linux-based operating system which attempts to compete with Windows on ease-of-use issues and new features..."

  • Linux Journal: Getting the Desktop Ready for Linux: A Historical Analysis (2003-06-26 11:00:13)
    "One of my non-Linux-savvy friends asked me the question, what's significant about Linux for her? The fact that she would ask this question, combined with a note from Phil Hughes, got me to thinking--is Linux finally ready for the desktop...?"

  • News.com.au: Open Source Laws Likely for SA (2003-06-26 01:00:46)
    "Legally-mandated open source software is a step closer in South Australia, with a private members Bill that requires government departments to use it 'where practicable' likely to pass the upper house..."