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Infrastructure Linux News for Jun 30, 2003

  • ZDNet UK: UK is an Open-Source 'Third World Country' (2003-06-30 22:00:49)
    Linux User Expo: "Britain is lagging behind the rest of Europe where it comes to adopting open-source software, says a lobbyist. But the open-source community cannot expect businesses to adopt Linux without better technical support..."

  • Mozilla 1.4, Netscape 7.1 Released (2003-06-30 21:00:59)
    Two articles grace this post, as Mozilla.org announces that Mozilla 1.4 has gone gold and mozillaZine has the news about Netscape 7.1 for Linux (and other assorted operating systems), which was also released today.

  • Five SCO v. IBM Articles See Difficulties Ahead... For SCO (2003-06-30 16:00:58)
    No less than five pro-Linux articles on the SCO/IBM legal tangle: the FSF has made an official statement from Eben Moglen on the issue; InformIT has an opinion piece from Nick Petreley detailing the Sequent/IBM/kernel connection; an opinion piece from BusinessWeek admonishes SCO to reveal code; ComputerWeekly has an analysis on how SCO's actions are not hampering Linux growth; and, finally, the Boston Herald has posted a Reuters piece that theorizes the costs of a lengthy court battle could hurt SCO.

  • USA Today: Gates on Linux (2003-06-30 14:00:37)
    "Linux is the current OS competition, but it's no more threatening than OS/2. Remember OS/2?" An interview with Microsoft's Bill Gates.

  • Linuxlookup.com: Sharp Zaurus SL-5600 PDA [Review] (2003-06-30 11:30:34)
    "Over the next few months I plan on purchasing a new PDA to take over from my Palm IIIc, and just recently, Sharp was good enough to send us one of the newly upgraded Zaurus SL-5600 units and I was able to finally give it a whirl. Let's see how things shaped up..."