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Infrastructure Linux News for Jul 01, 2003

  • E-Commerce Times: Has SCO Killed UnitedLinux? (2003-07-01 18:00:47)
    "IDC's Dan Kusnetzsky noted that SCO was not the primary contributor to the UnitedLinux consortium, so its withdrawal from the project will not change UnitedLinux' dynamics all that much..."

  • Australian IT: Open Source Trade Clash (2003-07-01 14:00:19)
    "The growing love affair of Australian governments with open source software may sour trade negotiations with the US..."

  • The Washington Times: Glimpse of Reality (2003-07-01 13:00:09)
    Linux has gotten so popular, this columnist argues, that the government's antitrust arguments against Microsoft are completely invalidated.

  • OSForge: Interview with Thomas Chung of LinuxInstall (2003-07-01 12:00:29)
    "OSForge exclusive interview with Thomas Chung, the founder and developer of LinuxInstall, a RedHat based distributions that brings simplicity yet powerful distribution to average users and new Windows converts with very affordable price..."

  • Linux Exposed: Linux Name Services (2003-07-01 10:00:06)
    "One of the most fundamental services on a TCP/IP network is name service. It is the service that translates hostnames into IP addresses. Linux systems use two techniques to convert hostnames to addresses: the host table and the Domain Name System (DNS)..."

  • New Zealand PC World: Linux Step by Step--Parts 1 & 2 (2003-07-01 09:00:15)
    Tech columnist Geoff Palmer has launched a new series of articles detailing how to get a Linux system up and running.

  • CrossNodes: Building a Linux Dial-up Server, Part 1 (2003-07-01 07:00:45)
    "Sometimes it seems that the world has moved entirely to DSL, cable, and other forms of high-speed networking. But the reality is it hasn't--most of the world is on dial-up, and even in the US the majority of Internet users are still on dial-up..."

  • LinuxWorld: The Linux Geek Diet (2003-07-01 06:00:41)
    "A brief guide to help computer geeks--in particular, the geeks who are fans of Linux--count the calories they expend during the day..."

  • The [India] Tribune: Promoting Linux in Ludhiana (2003-07-01 03:00:11)
    "A beginning has been made to break the hegemony of Microsoft by a small group that has taken upon itself the task of training the common man in the use and implementation of the Linux operating system..."

  • SitePoint: Getting to Know Debian (2003-07-01 01:00:55)
    "Although the other distributions are largely commercial affairs, Debian changes the recipe. Every piece of software that's part of the Debian distribution is about as free as you can get. Debian does not contain any commercial software..."

  • NewsForge: Dyne:bolic: A Broadcast Studio on a Linux CD (2003-07-01 00:00:13)
    "But a new Linux distribution promises to provide a multimedia studio--complete with the ability to transmit Webcasts worldwide--without ever installing any software on your hard drive..." [Link repaired. -ed.]