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Infrastructure Linux News for Jul 23, 2003

  • Linux Universe: Red Hat 10: First Look (2003-07-23 23:00:54)
    "Upon reboot there is a major change for Red Hat. No longer will you see the GNU/Linux boot messages on the screen. (You see the first two or so, but then they go away.) Instead there is a graphical overlay which says 'Starting System Services' with a progress bar...."

  • Red Hat: An Update For Our Customers and Partners (2003-07-23 18:00:01)
    "It is ironic that the very transparency provided by Open Source software and its development process should now be used as a tool of innuendo..."

  • The Inquirer: Major Japanese Firms Won't Pay Off SCO (2003-07-23 17:00:12)
    "The biggest computer manufacturers in Japan that build systems running Linux will hold out against blustering by SCO to extract license fees based upon unsubstantiated infringement claims..."

  • SearchEnterpriseLinux: Who Owns Unix? Open Group Seeks to Clarify (2003-07-23 16:00:48)
    "Who owns Unix? To read much of the recent news coming out of Lindon, Utah, you might think that it's SCO Group, the company currently suing IBM Corp. over Big Blue's alleged donation of Unix code to the Linux community. But you'd be wrong..."

  • Sydney Morning Herald: Open Source Group Files Complaint Against SCO (2003-07-23 15:00:14)
    "Open Source Victoria today filed a complaint with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, asking it to investigate SCO's activities in light of 'unsubstantiated claims and extortive legal threats for money' against possibly hundreds of thousands of Australians..."

  • ieXbeta: Mandrake Linux 9.2 Beta 1 Quietly Hits Mirrors (2003-07-23 14:00:02)
    ieXbeta is reporting that Mandrake Linux 9.2 Beta 1 is slowly starting to appear on mirror sites worldwide, after showing up on the MandrakeSoft Cooker servers earlier today.

  • internetnews.com: Will Users Buy a License from SCO to Run Linux? (2003-07-23 13:00:16)
    "SCO Group has gone from making waves in the Linux community to becoming an out-and-out threat, armed with copyrights that it could conceivably turn on enterprise Linux users. But will it...?"

  • NewsFactor: Best Network Port Scanners for Linux (2003-07-23 10:00:16)
    "Port scanning is a prosaic area of network security. For the network administrator, it is the equivalent of knocking on all the doors of a house to see if anyone is around..."

  • Australian IT: Democrats Target Microsoft (2003-07-23 04:00:31)
    "The Australian Democrats are trying to embarrass governments into supporting legislation mandating open source software, by asking questions in parliament about how much departments spend on Microsoft products..."

  • CNET News: Open Source or No: Let the Market Decide (2003-07-23 02:30:15)
    "The latest anti-Americanism to sweep Europe is a broad hostility toward computer software that's produced by proprietary companies, mostly American, and an enthusiasm for 'open source' software..."

  • OSNews: Screenshots from Red Hat Linux's "Severn" Beta (2003-07-23 01:00:25)
    "Red Hat Linux 9.0.93 beta, codenamed 'Severn,' was released [yesterday]. Read more for a quick commentary and six screenshots of the release..."