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Infrastructure Linux News for Jul 24, 2003

  • MandrakeSoft: Mandrake Linux 9.2 Beta 1 Officially Released (2003-07-24 16:00:39)
    "Mandrake Linux 9.2 Beta 1 has arrived to offer you the opportunity of an entertaining summer bug squashing..."

  • eWeek: Linux Show Powers Up (2003-07-24 14:30:20)
    Linux Symposium: "While they're not on the agenda, the gathering will provide attendees a forum at which to discuss this summer's hottest Linux topics, including SCO's recent win of Unix System V copyright and the impending Version 2.7 of the Linux kernel..."

  • ZDNet UK: Lindows Reawakens Network Computer (2003-07-24 11:30:13)
    "The consumer-Linux firm is trying a bare-bones PC, despite network computing's failure to take off in the 90s..."

  • SearchEnterpriseLinux: Linux Routers, Parts 1 & 2 (2003-07-24 08:30:04)
    The first two parts of a three-part interview with author Tony Mancill, who "explains the benefits of using Linux routers, suggests tips for choosing the right routers and offers his views of next-generation networking technologies..."

  • CrossNodes: Building a Linux Dial-up Server, Part 2 (2003-07-24 07:00:35)
    "In part 1 we looked at a simple setup for creating and sharing a dial-up Internet connection. Today we'll learn how to build a dial-in server..."

  • NewsForge: Migrating CommuniGate Pro from Windows to Linux (2003-07-24 02:30:32)
    "I recently migrated a live CommuniGate Pro installation from Windows NT 4.0 to Red Hat Linux 9 and improved my client's messaging performance. The process wasn't difficult, but if you're contemplating a similar migration, let me warn you about a few things to watch out for..."

  • Techcentral: Linux Users Look to Attack the Desktop (2003-07-24 01:00:50)
    "The Desktop Linux Consortium is now ready to go public. The organisation is conducting a review, set to end on 11 August, which will establish how the new body is to be organised..."