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Infrastructure Linux News for Jul 29, 2003

  • MozillaQuest: Is IBM's Irrevocable Unix License Revocable? (2003-07-29 23:00:42)
    "Although still anti-Linux, the anti-Linux posture of the SCO v IBM Amended Complaint is toned-down--some. On the other hand the Amended Complaint mentions Linus Torvalds, by name, six times..."

  • Newsweek/MSNBC: Free For All (2003-07-29 21:30:04)
    "How does a level-C school--the lowest on the South African government's poverty scale--afford an up-to-date computer lab? Linus Torvalds has never been to Nooitgedacht, but he's the most likely answer..." This story is part of Newsweek's "Inventions that Will Change the World" series.

  • Australian IT: Greens Battle Microsoft (2003-07-29 18:00:34)
    "Describing Microsoft founder Bill Gates as 'a bit of a robber baron,' NSW Greens MLC Lee Rhiannon warned the legislation would anger US trade lobby groups..."

  • Computerworld Canada: City Rolls out Desktop Linux (2003-07-29 17:00:14)
    "When the City of Toronto's Children's Services Division (CSD) recently decided to migrate 450 of its PCs over to Linux client workstations, it really didn't raise a lot of eyebrows..."

  • ZDNet: SCO Execs Cash In On Suit Spotlight (2003-07-29 16:30:05)
    "Senior SCO Group executives have been dumping their personal holdings in the company since June, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filings have revealed..."

  • CNET News: Lindows Unveils DVD Application (2003-07-29 16:00:02)
    "Lindows.com, which makes a consumer-oriented version of the Linux operating system, introduced on Tuesday an application that allows computers running the Lindows OS to play commercial DVDs..."

  • KDE.org: KDE 3.1.3 Release Announcement (2003-07-29 14:00:12)
    "KDE 3.1.3 is a maintenance release which provides corrections of problems reported using the KDE bug tracking system..."

  • Codetechies: Gnome as a Serious Desktop Competitor--Part 1 (2003-07-29 05:30:42)
    "I have been using Linux before Redhat was using Gnome. When Gnome came around, to me it was a lifesaver. I liked the speed and no bulk concept Gnome had. Since then Gnome has come a long way..."

  • MadPenguin.org: Slackware 9.0 on Fire (2003-07-29 04:00:03)
    "I'm guessing here, so correct me if I'm wrong... but due to the fact that you are reading this article you like to fly by the seat of your pants..."

  • NewsForge: Open Asia: Under the Radar, FLOSS Thrives (2003-07-29 03:00:39)
    "Contrary to the presumption that GNU/Linux is almost unknown in Asia, FLOSS takes on the shape of a 'silent revolution'--spreading across modems linking small brotherhoods..."

  • Nidelven IT: An Introduction to Thunderbird [Parts 1-3] (2003-07-29 02:00:32)
    "[Mozilla] Thunderbird is one of those programs which can compete with MS Outlook Express, not only because it has similar functionality, but it's also user friendly, and it's freeware..."

  • VNUnet: Settling for Style Over Substance (2003-07-29 01:00:09)
    "With Linux under threat, it's time to campaign for the survival of open source software..."