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Infrastructure Linux News for Sep 23, 2003

  • NewsForge: Why Does Sun Call It the 'Java Desktop'? (2003-09-23 22:00:42)
    "I had been so hoodwinked by the name that I assumed that either part of GNOME had been ported to Java or that the parts of GNOME they used on the desktop were somehow wrapped in Java..."

  • LinuxInsider: Open Source and the Yoke of Oppression (2003-09-23 13:00:37)
    "Microsoft and Sun are afraid of open source. However, we in the open-source community are liberating ourselves from the yoke of oppression. If people who support Microsoft would simply realize that, they might understand the open-source community better..."

  • DistroWatch: Source Mage and Onebase Linux (2003-09-23 11:30:30)
    "...[F]or a while now I've been curious about Sorcerer, and when I read about a new contender called Onebase Linux, I decided to take it for a spin too..."

  • developerWorks: Boot Linux Faster (2003-09-23 07:00:30)
    "This article shows you how to improve the boot speed of your Linux system without compromising usability. Essentially, the technique involves understanding system services and their dependencies, and having them start up in parallel, rather than sequentially, when possible..."