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Infrastructure Linux News for Sep 24, 2003

  • ZDNet UK: Researcher Slams Open-Source Compulsion (2003-09-24 23:30:12)
    "Legislation pushing government use of open-source software is 'ridiculous,' according to a veteran Australian analyst..."

  • InfoWorld: Seagate to Ship Drives with Lindows (2003-09-24 18:00:27)
    "Seagate Technology LLC... will soon begin offering some models of its Barracuda drive family with the English version of the LindowsOS operating system preinstalled..."

  • SCO Group: HP's Actions Support SCO's Position That Linux is Not Free (2003-09-24 14:19:36)
    The SCO Group has issued a brief press release putting their own spin on today's announcement from HP: "HP's actions are driving the Linux industry towards a licensing program. In other words, Linux is not free..."

  • CNET News: HP to Indemnify Linux Customers (2003-09-24 13:00:12)
    "Hewlett-Packard plans to announce Wednesday that it will indemnify its Linux customers against potential legal actions by SCO Group..."

  • Australian IT: Democrats to Make Money on Open Source Gig (2003-09-24 04:00:09)
    "The common misconception that open source is free is about to be debunked by the Democrats, as they charge big business $385 a head for an explanation of the party's support for open source legislation..."

  • LinuxWorld.com: Show Me the License (2003-09-24 02:30:42)
    "If the software you're considering is an operating system, like Linux, then the GNU Public License (GPL) is good for your business. If it's an application or a software ingredient, then the GPL may be bad for your business..."

  • OSNews: Linux on the AMD Opteron: Are We Ready? (2003-09-24 01:00:55)
    "Early last week I received an AMD Opteron 240 and an Asus SK8N motherboard. I was so anxious to get Linux on it I could hardly sit still... A week later, Linux is on it, in 32 bit mode only, and my hard drive has informed me that if I reinstall again it is going to go on strike..."