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Infrastructure Linux News for Sep 25, 2003

  • eWeek: Alpha Code Shows a Strong KDE 3.2 Ahead (2003-09-25 21:00:28)
    "In the alpha version we tested, KDE 3.2 impressed us with improvements to its Konqueror Web browser and file manager and with the addition of a handful of new applications, including Kopete, a multiprotocol instant messaging client..."

  • Groklaw: Visions of Ka-ching Dance in Their Heads (2003-09-25 17:30:51)
    "[The Renaissance Ventures documents] are both so blazingly wrong in both facts and conclusions that I fully grasp for the first time how some people may have invested in SCO, based on such misinformation..."

  • Linux Journal: Stress Testing an Apache Application Server in a Real World Environment (2003-09-25 13:00:19)
    "We've all had an experience in which the software is installed on the servers, the network is connected and the application is running. Naturally, the next step is to think, 'I wonder how much traffic this system can support...?'"

  • Samba Team Announces Samba 3.0 (2003-09-25 12:00:19)
    The final version of Samba 3.0 has been announced. Details, links within.

  • Raleigh News & Observer: Linux Widens Its Range (2003-09-25 11:30:28)
    "However the story plays out (and I think SCO's claims are absolute nonsense), you could argue that the highly visible suit is a sign of maturity for open-source programs..."

  • ZDnet Australia: Why Microsoft Needs IBM This Time Around (2003-09-25 10:00:30)
    "As far as anyone can recall, the last time the bitter rivals came together--prior to this week--was more than a decade ago, just before the two companies had a legendary falling out over PC operating systems..."

  • OSNews: Get to Know Slackware 9.1 (2003-09-25 08:30:40)
    "For almost a week now, I've been using Slackware 9.1, and I am literally having a blast..."

  • developerWorks: Authenticating Linux Users with IBM Directory Server (2003-09-25 07:00:09)
    "This article describes how to use the IBM Directory Server to authenticate Linux users. The author explains step-by-step how to configure Directory Server, and Linux, to build a basic configuration to use Directory Server to authenticate Linux users..."

  • Linux Journal: Linux in the Retail Market (2003-09-25 04:00:43)
    "As inexpensive CPUs became faster and RAM became larger, purchasing more software became cost-effective, because there now was space and speed to run less optimal solutions..."

  • Linux Productivity Magazine: The Hand Me Down Linux Box (2003-09-25 02:30:21)
    "It's the best of times. For $500.00 you can put together a screamer computer: Athlon 2000+, 512 of DDR, 80GB disk... And it's the worst of times. You might not have $500.00..."