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Infrastructure Linux News for Nov 12, 2003

  • eWeek: No More Mr. Nice IBM (2003-11-12 22:00:50)
    Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols cheers for Big Blue as they tell SCO: "Put up or shut up about IBM stealing code..."

  • DesktopLinux: Xandros Unveils New Desktop 2.0 Early Next Month (2003-11-12 19:00:29)
    "Xandros Desktop 2.0 will be available on December 9th at software retailers and via download from the company's website..."

  • CNET News: Linux Powers Throw Weight Behind Desktop Version (2003-11-12 15:00:09)
    Desktop Linux Conference: "Red Hat, IBM and an open-source consortium are each beginning serious work to advance Linux for use on desktop computers..."

  • Forbes: IBM Subpoenas SCO Investors & Analysts (2003-11-12 14:00:59)
    While this news has been covered, this follow-up contains some new reactions to IBM's legal action last week: "'I view this as an attempt to bully and intimidate analysts--to try to cow them into silence,' says Christopher Sontag, executive vice president at SCO..."

  • Linux Journal: Linux for Congress (2003-11-12 11:30:58)
    "Linux-PE's mission is to get Congress running on Linux--and then the White House..."

  • Warped Systems: Building 'Nefarious'--Part 2: Install (2003-11-12 08:30:30)
    "This is the second part of a three part article on building 'Nefarious,' a[n] AMD Athlon 64 box running Mandrake Linux 9.2 AMD64..."

  • OfB.biz: Coming Home (2003-11-12 02:30:57)
    "For me, and it seems many others, my computer is a tool, albeit my best tool for the work I do. When the use of That Monopoly OS became a threat to my work, I was forced to investigate alternatives..."