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Infrastructure Linux News for Jan 22, 2004

  • Forbes: Linux TV (2004-01-22 21:00:29)
    "The world's top electronics makers are rallying around an operating system--and it's not Windows..."

  • internetnews.com: Perens: New Patent-Suit Threats Poised to Strike (2004-01-22 18:00:09)
    "SCO Group's legal moves over Linux will fizzle, but the IT world may soon feel a new chill in the form of patent lawsuits from other vendors, open-source advocate Bruce Perens predicted Wednesday..."

  • Sydney Morning Herald: Aust Firm Tells SCO to Detail Evidence (2004-01-22 17:00:03)
    "A Perth-based open source consulting company has told the SCO Group that unless it details, by February 1, the specifics of what it claims are IP violations in the Linux kernel, the company would refer the matter to the appropriate legal authorities..."

  • SCO Takes Linux Fight to Congress (2004-01-22 14:00:58)
    The SCO Group has apparently been sending anti-GPL letters to members of the US Congress. Find out what's in the letters and what one new Open Source group is doing about it.

  • LinuxNews.pl: Linux in the Ministry of Finance in Poland (2004-01-22 13:00:31)
    "It is the biggest delivery of such devices in Poland and, if we include one-time orders, one of the biggest in the world--one known example is the delivery of 30.000 terminals based on Linux for AT&T..."