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Infrastructure Linux News for Feb 12, 2004

  • NewsWireless: Psion Looks Past Windows to Linux as Nokia Buys Symbian (2004-02-12 17:00:03)
    "Ignore the comments about the value of Psion shares: concentrate on what Psion is going to do with all the money it got from selling its interest in Symbian. The answer is probably: 'Linux portables...'"

  • PR: Fedora Core 2 Test Release 1 Available (2004-02-12 16:15:59)
    "This software's only hope of survival is our community's crack team of developers... secured to their high speed network lines, they will descend to hack on this software, spinning a web of stability in less than 8 weeks...!"

  • Linux.com: Linux Gets Small: LNX-BBC and DamnSmall Linux (2004-02-12 11:30:32)
    "One of the great things about Linux is its versatility, and that versatility is rarely as apparent as it is with Linux-based bootable business cards. Two of these small wonders are especially interesting: DamnSmall Linux and LNX-BBC..."

  • GUILinux: Downloader for X (2004-02-12 07:00:36)
    "This article marks the beginning of a new GUILinux software series: GUI apps you just can't (or shouldn't) live without..."

  • DesktopOS.com: Xandros Desktop 2.0 Deluxe Can Replace Windows (2004-02-12 02:30:06)
    "Its goal is to introduce you to the Xandros Desktop Operating System Version 2.0 Deluxe boxed..."

  • OSNews: Arch Linux: An End To My Distro Shuffle? (2004-02-12 01:45:27)
    "One recommendation that popped up by several users was Arch Linux. Although I've tried 27 different distributions in the past couple years, I never managed to stumble upon this one..."