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Infrastructure Linux News for Feb 13, 2004

  • Philadelphia Inquirer: Xandros Helps Linux Advance (2004-02-13 22:00:40)
    "Microsoft decided to support Windows 98 users for two more years because it did not want to risk losing financially strapped Turkhistanis and others to Linux, the snickerers said..."

  • Techworld: RFID Gets Linux-based Boost (2004-02-13 19:00:20)
    "The much-hyped market for RFID (radio frequency identification) has received a boost in the form of an open-source system that enables large numbers of the tags to be read in a confined area..."

  • SearchEnterpriseLinux: The Wrong Choice: Retailer Dives Off Windows Platform to Linux (2004-02-13 18:00:21)
    "So, when Datavantage had to choose a platform for its new Stored Value gift card transaction-processing solution, Windows wasn't the only option. In fact, project manager Ian Amit quickly discovered that Windows was the wrong choice..."

  • Groklaw: Novell's Motion to Dismiss and Memorandum in Support (2004-02-13 15:00:27)
    "Essentially, [Novell has] done something very clever. They are trying to get SCO's action dismissed on the pleadings alone..."

  • LocalTechWire: Second Largest IP Provider in Germany Picks Red Hat (2004-02-13 11:00:56)
    "Red Hat is providing Telefonica Deutschland with its Enterprise Linux as the German company's platform of choice for business operations..."

  • GUILinux: Libranet 2.8 - The Installation (2004-02-13 06:00:46)
    "...I find that my needs in an operating system are; a straight forward X environment and a generous helping of design and development applications. Libranet, you are my diamond in the rough..."

  • LinuxInsider: Open Source Alternative (2004-02-13 04:00:47)
    "As more and more governments and organizations are moving towards open source as a means to save costs, there's a need for people with the right skills to manage and deploy the technology..."

  • ONLamp: Why Linux? (2004-02-13 03:00:01)
    "Holding up a 'Windows-free home' as a goal without any sort of reasoning behind that goal is nothing more than a fashion statement on my part..."

  • LXer: The Tide Has Turned in the Battle of the War (2004-02-13 02:00:15)
    "In 1999, I editorialized that the browser was the battleground that would win or lose us the whole thing. 4 years later, it is time to update the article with a slightly more optimistic view..."