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Infrastructure Linux News for Feb 18, 2004

  • MozillaQuest: Novell Motion to Dismiss Holds Key to SCO Anti-Linux Claims (2004-02-18 22:00:17)
    "On the other hand, refusal of the Utah Court to dismiss the SCO v Novell lawsuit could mean that SCO does indeed have a claim to the Unix copyrights..."

  • Two Fedora Core 2 Reviews (2004-02-18 20:00:54)
    LXer and OSNews each have preliminary reviews of the recent test release of Fedora Core 2. Articles within.

  • The Mercury News: New 3-D Effect Could be a Bright Spot for Sun (2004-02-18 17:00:31)
    "The Web browser on Hideya Kawahara's laptop seems to play mind games with you, drawing you into the computer screen with three-dimensional images that float in space..."

  • Groklaw: Red Hat's Motion to Supplement the Record and Proposed Order (2004-02-18 15:00:06)
    Groklaw has posted a number of articles detailing new motions and exhibits in the Red Hat v. SCO case in Delaware, starting with this one, which highlights SCO's active attacks against Red Hat customers.

  • Linux Journal: Making the ViewSonic Tablet PC Run Linux (2004-02-18 13:00:12)
    "The first thing I did was Google to see if I could find any information on installing Linux on this hardware, but I found nothing. So I thought it might be useful to other owners of this model to write this article..."

  • Unix Review: VMware Workstation 4.0.5 (2004-02-18 11:30:52)
    "A better solution would be to have all these machines on your main system and access whichever operating system you needed at the time, preferably without rebooting. That's where VMware comes into play..."

  • GUILinux: Flonix - Live CD Review (2004-02-18 10:45:29)
    "Since I don't really know what I'm doing I asked the boss what I should be looking for and the purpose of having an OS on a CD? I was pretty intrigued by his response and liked the concept..."

  • GeekSpeek.org: Tutorial: Keeping Fedora Up to Date with Yum (2004-02-18 09:15:27)
    "It makes it much easier to maintain groups of machines without having to manually update each one using rpm..."

  • Free Lance-Star: No Open Source Woes Here (2004-02-18 03:15:52)
    "I certainly didn't intend to cast a negative light on the community that creates and uses Linux. In fact, I'm a big fan of the idea of open-source software, and Linux is the most well-known example of open source..."

  • LinuxWorld: Linux Truce With SCO - Continued... (2004-02-18 01:00:12)
    "I think some people have been confused by my letter. Some people are accusing me of capitulating, of begging for defeat at the moment of victory, and even questioning my motives...!" [Link repaired. -ed]