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Infrastructure Linux News for Feb 20, 2004

  • Editor's Note: A Grass-Roots Browser Campaign (2004-02-20 23:30:59)
    "But since 95 percent of my job uses a browser as a tool, I am especially keen on this class of application, and I will tell you this as a professional-level user of the Internet: IE is truly awful..."

  • internetnews.com: Lindows Seeks Installs on Centrino Laptop (2004-02-20 22:00:03)
    "Looking to gain converts among the millions of expected customers for Intel's Centrino mobile technology, Lindows.com Thursday tipped plans to offer its Linux-based operating system as a preload on Centrino-equipped laptops..."

  • Groklaw: "Is It True the DoD Loves Linux?" (2004-02-20 18:00:05)
    "We were credited with helping to save the life of a downed pilot because all the critical information was immediately available to commanders and the Special Ops team in their helicopters doing the extraction..."

  • PC World: Microsoft Seeks to Quash Lindows in Canada (2004-02-20 16:00:49)
    "After suing in the U.S. and several European countries, Microsoft is taking its trademark infringement case against Linux vendor Lindows.com to Canada..."

  • eWeek: SCO Takes Aim at Linux User Target (2004-02-20 15:00:35)
    "The SCO Group is standing firm by its commitment to sue an enterprise Linux user, even though it has missed its own self-imposed three-month timeframe for doing so..."

  • Linux Journal: A Computer Lab with No Windows, Part II (2004-02-20 13:00:07)
    "Finishing the lab setup, the benefits of OpenOffice.org and looking to the future..."

  • IT Manager's Journal: Embedded Linux Becoming 'Disruptive Force' (2004-02-20 11:30:19)
    "These days, embedded Linux pretty much means TiVo, a Sharp Zaurus handheld, or the wireless LAN gateways you may having running at home..."

  • OSNews: Linux on Laptops Part II: Libranet 2.8.1 (2004-02-20 10:00:37)
    "I considered reviewing Debian for this article. I downloaded a copy of Debian 3.0r2, making sure to get the disk with the 2.4 kernel. Everything you've heard about Debian being difficult to install? It's not totally true, but it's pretty close..."

  • Linux Gaming Planet: Battle For Wesnoth Review (2004-02-20 08:30:47)
    "After much game play and entertainment, we're happy to bring you a review of the turn based strategy, Battle for Wesnoth. Also included is a Q&A with the lead man behind the project, David White..."

  • Librenix: An Introduction to Linux in Ten Commands (2004-02-20 07:00:07)
    "This first article will cover navigating around a Linux filesystem along with a brief passage--with examples--on using ten of the most essential GNU/Linux commands..."

  • PC World: First Look at Mozilla.org's Firefox (2004-02-20 02:30:07)
    "Alternative browser shines with a clean interface, sophisticated functions, and many options..."

  • LinuxInsider: Why Lindows Is Not a Winning Name (2004-02-20 01:00:21)
    "Either you own a name outright, or you share it with others. Naming is a serious marketing issue, and rules of naming are a must, resulting in names that work like marketing weapons. Smart companies now know..."