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Infrastructure Linux News for Feb 26, 2004

  • internetnews.com: IBM Won't Oppose SCO's Copyright Claim (2004-02-26 19:00:59)
    "IBM has told a U.S. court it won't oppose a motion by the SCO Group to add copyright infringement claims to the latter's Linux lawsuit against Big Blue..."

  • ESR: The Luxury of Ignorance: An Open-Source Horror Story (2004-02-26 19:00:58)
    "The point of this essay is not, therefore, just to beat up on the CUPS people--it's also to beat up on every other open-source designer who does equally thoughtless things under the fond delusion that a slick-looking UI is a well-designed UI..."

  • Boston Globe: Expanding the Playing Field for Linux Users (2004-02-26 16:00:59)
    "Computer experts will tell you that Linux software is unbeatable at tasks like scientific supercomputing or corporate number-crunching. But offer to take them on in a rousing round of Empire Earth or some other popular computer game, and watch their faces fall..."

  • DesktopOS: A Comprehensive Review of Lycoris Software (2004-02-26 10:00:32)
    "As you'll immediately discover, I'm quite fond of Desktop/LX and the manner in which Lycoris operates as well as continually proving their commitment to their users..."

  • Virtual Sky: Review of ALT Linux Compact 2.3 (2004-02-26 08:30:35)
    "However, over the past five months, I've seen the beta releases make wonderful progress. Besides a few minor bugs, I believe that Compact 2.3 is ready for the computing public..."

  • FedoraNews.org: Tutorial: Creating a Local yum Repository (2004-02-26 07:00:56)
    "In this article, I'll going to show how to setup a local repository based on a simple shell script that uses wget to download the packages from Internet..."

  • Sitepoint: Configure Web Logs in Apache (2004-02-26 05:30:31)
    "Traffic analysis is central to most Websites, and the key to getting the most out of your traffic analysis revolves around how you configure your Web logs..."

  • Orange Crate: Old Wars Never Fade Away (2004-02-26 04:00:48)
    "Is there a possibility that the root cause of the licensing scheme with the SCO Group funded by Microsoft was a measure of their intended destruction of Novell...?"

  • NewsForge: A First Look at the New GIMP 2.0 (2004-02-26 00:00:36)
    "I am not a professional graphic artist, and neither, probably, are you, but with the GIMP, you don't have to be to make good use of the program..."