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Infrastructure Linux News for Mar 15, 2004

  • LinuxPlanet: Koming Back to KDE (2004-03-15 21:15:09)
    "I'm pleased and surprised to report that the KDE of today is a far cry from the bug-ridden, crash-prone, bloated pig of a desktop that I abandoned with disgust in the last millennium. Read on to learn why..."

  • Groklaw: Darl McBride-Dan Farber ZDNet Interview - Transcript (2004-03-15 16:00:31)
    "Here is the transcript of the Dan Farber interview with Darl McBride at the Sand Hill Group's Software 2004 conference in San Francisco, which Groklaw has been given permission to transcribe..."

  • internetnews.com: Lindows Concedes Name to Microsoft in Europe (2004-03-15 13:45:19)
    "Open source operating systems provider Lindows faces a penalty hearing after Microsoft told an Amsterdam court of appeals it hadn't complied with a preliminary injunction..."

  • Linux Journal: Network Administration Thermodynamics (2004-03-15 13:00:11)
    "A method for labelling users before you invest all your energy in them..."

  • informIT: Marcel's Linux Walkabout: Extra! Extra! (2004-03-15 10:00:14)
    "For the price of a download, you or your company can have a professional, full-featured office suite that is virtually 100 percent-compatible with Microsoft Office documents for hundreds of dollars less. How much less, you ask? Did I mention that OpenOffice is free...?"

  • DesktopLinux: My Linux Desktop Odyssey, 2004 (2004-03-15 07:00:40)
    "... Barnes examines how far the Linux distributions have come over the past year, updating his popular first article and evaluating the current versions of leading Desktop Linux desktop options including Ark Linux, ELX Linux, Lycoris, MEPHIS, Vector Linux, Xandros, as well as Live CDs including Puppy Linux and Flonix..."