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Infrastructure Linux News for Apr 30, 2004

  • NewsForge: Linux Lacks Testing Methodologies (2004-04-30 20:30:12)
    "OSDL lab manager and open source test-giver Tim Witham is on a mission to push Linux performance testing to higher-level, real-world applications..."

  • IT Manager's Journal: Questions Abound About Recent Stock Options to SCO Executives (2004-04-30 19:00:21)
    "Granted (no pun intended), the timing and the pricing of these options appear to be a bit suspicious. That said, before making any judgments I would want to look at the company's Stock Incentive Plan to determine a few things..."

  • internetnews.com: End of The Line For Red Hat Linux 9 (2004-04-30 16:45:26)
    "Red Hat's retail Linux line, Red Hat Linux 9, is at the end of its line. The Raleigh, N.C.-based Linux vendor is ending support on its final version on April 30th..."

  • eWeek: SCO Backs Off GPL Claims (2004-04-30 14:00:37)
    "In The SCO Group Inc.'s latest U.S. District Court filing as it battles IBM over Linux, the company is no longer using the affirmative defense that the GNU General Public License (GPL) is unconstitutional..."

  • Cooking with Linux : Eye Candy for Admins (SuperKaramba) (2004-04-30 13:00:16)
    "It is because of this inherent strangeness that I present you with today's menu, a collection of graphical tools that should keep you informed while adding a certain je ne sais quoi to your system..."

  • SmallBusinessComputing: My First Linux Server (Part 1) (2004-04-30 08:30:45)
    "From the outside, Linux can appear to be a deep ocean of strange jargon in unchartered waters. Who has the time to wade through all that to save a few clams? With Linux, it's not a sink or swim proposition..."

  • PC Burn: Sun Java Desktop 2003 Review (2004-04-30 04:00:48)
    "So why, then, would [Sun] market a Linux derivative? Let's take a look at what it is they're offering and what it's uses are to shed some light on the 'why...'"

  • LinuxBeginner: A Week with Linspire 4.5 (2004-04-30 03:15:11)
    "This time I'm are taking advantage of Michael Robertson's recent promotional generosity to grab a copy of Linspire 4.5, formerly LindowsOS, to try out..."