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Infrastructure Linux News for May 28, 2004

  • Editor's Note: One (Strange) Man's Hunt for the Linux Desktop (2004-05-28 23:30:23)
    Linux on the desktop? Yeah, right, as soon as I find the darn thing under all these $#%@%! windows...

  • internetnews.com: Mandrakesoft's Whole New Version (2004-05-28 16:00:23)
    The latest release is the result of Mandrake's new process for issuing official releases, which extends the testing period in an effort to ensure optimal stability and performance.

  • CNET News: AOL to Release New Version of Netscape (2004-05-28 14:30:36)
    "America Online said Thursday that it plans to release a new version of its Netscape Web browser this summer, though the effort does not appear to signal a return to major browser development work for the company..."

  • ZDNet Australia: SCO Blasts AU Open Source Body's "Don't Pay" Call (2004-05-28 13:45:45)
    "The SCO Group has moved to refute an Australian open source industry group's position paper arguing companies using Linux should not respond to demands from the software company for licence payments..."

  • PC World: Court Allows Lindows to Keep Its Name (2004-05-28 12:15:27)
    "In a case that could have forced Linux vendor Lindows to change its business name worldwide, a Netherlands court ruled this week that Lindows' current limited use of the Lindows name does not violate Microsoft's Windows trademark..."

  • SearchEnterpriseLinux: KDE: Putting Linux on the Desktop (2004-05-28 07:00:35)
    "Recently, HP, Red Hat and Novell took a big leap and started pushing Linux for the desktop in enterprise environments. However, desktop software such as KDE and GNOME deserve just as much credit as the distributors of Linux..."

  • NewsForge: Insurance for Linux Users: Why is it Needed? (2004-05-28 02:30:49)
    "When a start-up firm called OSRM (Open Source Risk Management) announced two months ago that it planned to offer standard product liability insurance to Linux users and developers, many in the Linux community wondered why..."