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Infrastructure Linux News for Jul 29, 2004

  • Linux Journal: ULB 2004 Video Follow-Up (2004-07-29 11:30:33)
    "The configuration necessary for getting all four displays to work in this year's Ultimate Linux Box may have been common sense for any X config or ATI guru, but I had to do a bit of hacking to get it all working..."

  • Linux Magazine: The "Other" Linux (2004-07-29 08:30:12)
    "But Mac OS X on G5 is only part--and a small part--of the PowerPC (PPC) story. Linux runs on PPC, too, and runs very well..."

  • Linux.com: SysAdmin to SysAdmin: It's the Documentation, Stupid! (2004-07-29 05:30:12)
    "Dear open source developers: We sysadmins are tired of the crap you've been throwing at us. It seems you've been assuming all these years that we sysadmins are coders, and thus, 'the code is the documentation...'"

  • Linux.com: The Linux Filesystem Challenge (2004-07-29 02:30:50)
    "Linux boasts the widest array of filesystem support among mainstream operating systems. However, Microsoft (with Longhorn) and Apple (with Tiger) have made it clear that they consider the filesystem of the future to be a database of information to be mined..."

  • SitePoint: Open Source Maturing (2004-07-29 01:00:47)
    "The religious wars between open source and closed source may have been provoked a bit by a dusty old memo surfaced this month. However, there are also signs of maturity in the open source community (business) as well..."