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Infrastructure Linux News for Jan 20, 2005

  • ESP Print Pro: The Commercial Cousin to CUPS (2005-01-20 22:00:58)
    "CUPS is the standard printing system on virtually all modern Linux distributions and MacOS X... So if CUPS is free, why should you even consider paying money for ESP Print Pro...?"

  • LinuxWorld: The Linux Cookbook (2005-01-20 20:30:48)
    "Michael Stutz, author of The Linux Cookbook, 2nd Edition: Tips and Techniques for Everyday Use, discusses what inspired him to write this book, when he first started using Linux, and other world views..."

  • NewsForge: Retail Geeks Aren't Geeky Enough (2005-01-20 17:30:14)
    "Maybe you've seen ads for Best Buy's Geek Squad, technicians who make IT house calls driving logo-emblazoned Volkswagen New Beetles. Neat concept, but how geeky are these geeks...?"

  • CNET News: Intel Lets Linux Into Centrino Camp (2005-01-20 15:15:55)
    "Improvements to Linux have led Intel to permit Linux laptops to sport the Centrino brand for the first time..."

  • The Salt Lake Tribune: Court Ruling is a Plus for SCO vs. IBM (2005-01-20 13:45:00)
    "The computer giant is ordered to turn over more data on its Linux-related codes to the Utah-based company..."

  • OSNews: Further Confessions of a Slacker (2005-01-20 11:30:07)
    "Today, I am happily using Slackware-current (ISO snapshot from 12-23-04 -current snapshots are out there if you look hard enough) as my server and my normal desktop..."

  • Linux Journal: Linux MIDI: A Brief Survey, Part 4 (2005-01-20 10:45:21)
    "Looking ahead to the next generation of MIDI music-making software, including Improv, Q-Midi and Csound..."

  • Linux.com: Speak to Me, Linux (2005-01-20 07:00:25)
    "Voice recognition, and its flip side, speech synthesis, can help you streamline your day-to-day work and organize your Linux desktop in a better way..."

  • Linux Magazine: Deja Vu (2005-01-20 05:30:39)
    "Last month, I expressed boredom with the personal computer. Beyond gigahertz, gigabytes, and wireless, I complained, personal computers sold today look and feel a lot like those sold ten years ago..."

  • Anti-FUD: Obsessed with Free Beer, LXer? (2005-01-20 02:30:51)
    "A recent article on LXer... outlined the reasons that 'Free Software is not Free.' Except, they really didn't..."