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Infrastructure Linux News for Mar 22, 2005

  • ZDNet: Larry Rosen Denies Report He�s Turned Against GPL License (2005-03-22 19:00:36)
    "Larry Rosen, former general counsel for the Open Source Initiative, has not turned against the General Public License (GPL). He remains a strong open source advocate..."

  • The Portland Business Journal: OSDL Signs First Korean Member (2005-03-22 16:45:46)
    "The Open Source Development Labs has added its first member from Korea, signaling the growing adoption of Linux in Asia..."

  • Tom's Hardware Guide: THG Interviews Pamela Jones, Groklaw Founder (2005-03-22 14:30:47)
    "While PJ is modest about the popularity of the site, current estimates show Groklaw getting nearly five million hits a day. The site has become almost daily reading for many IT and legal professionals..."

  • Bookpool: Making DVD Movies With Linux (2005-03-22 11:30:50)
    "Actually, I'm going to suppose that you've already made the movies and now you want to transfer them to DVD for your family and friends to enjoy. Here's an example..."

  • FedoraNews: How to Install Totem-xine for Fedora Core 3 (2005-03-22 08:30:46)
    "Totem is simple movie player for GNOME desktops based on xine. It features a simple playlist, a full-screen mode, seek and volume controls, as well as a pretty complete keyboard navigation system..."

  • Flexbeta: Setting up Mandrake 10.1 as a Firewall (2005-03-22 07:00:09)
    "As you investigate various Linux Distributions, you will soon notice that some Distributions excel at certain tasks over other Distributions..."

  • NewsForge: Karamba, What an Attractive Desktop! (2005-03-22 04:00:45)
    "SuperKaramba is an application that lets you place 'themes' on your desktop, somewhat similar to the Windows application Samurize or Konfabulator for Mac OS X..."

  • Linux Magazine: 2005: A Skype Odyssey (2005-03-22 03:15:26)
    "Almost exactly four years ago, in my January 2001 column for Linux Magazine I wrote a rather long diatribe about how many predictions in Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey (based on the novel by Arthur C. Clarke) have been left unfulfilled..."

  • OSDir: To Evil! March '05 Edition (2005-03-22 02:30:35)
    "Google. Google, O most cherished of those children of the Net currently incorporated in Delaware for tax purposes! How hast though fallen? Let us count the ways..."

  • OSNews: Arch Linux: Why It Rocks (2005-03-22 01:45:17)
    "2003 was the year with Gentoo written all over it in the Linux universe. Last year was Ubuntu's & MEPIS'. I believe that Arch Linux's year is the current one..."

  • Mad Penguin: First Look at Linspire 5.0 (2005-03-22 00:15:41)
    "Many of our steady readers are well familiar with my discontent with Linspire (then known as Lindows) and their seemingly foul intention as far as the community was concerned, but let me tell you I am a changed man..."