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Infrastructure Linux News for Jul 18, 2005

  • ZDNet UK: OS/2 Has Earned its Freedom (2005-07-18 23:30:46)
    "IBM's problem child is no longer welcome at home. Others still value it, and should be given the chance to show why..."

  • TuxJournal: Interview with Fyodor of Nmap (2005-07-18 22:45:07)
    "Nmap is a free utility for network exploration and security auditing. It was designed to rapidly scan large networks, although it works fine against single hosts..."

  • Mad Penguin: Life Is Good When You're a Slacker (2005-07-18 22:00:09)
    "As many of you know, I spend most of my time buried in Linux distributions. When new software is released, I've got it and am either loving it or getting ready to smash it repeatedly with a large hammer..."

  • Tuxmachines.org: Mandriva 2006 Beta1 (2005-07-18 20:30:57)
    "Although not planned to be officially announced until Monday (barring any major show stoppers), Mandriva 2006 Beta 1 isos made their way onto mirrors today..."

  • The Guardian: Knoppix Has It Covered (2005-07-18 19:45:50)
    "The Knoppix live CD has started a mini-revolution in computing by putting an entire GNU/Linux desktop system, including major applications such as browser, email and office suite, on a single CD..."

  • Epiacenter: VIA's Open Source Initiative, Just a Fake? (2005-07-18 16:45:04)
    "It seems that VIA still didn't unterstand the philosophy of open source or lets say it looks like that they just used it as an marketing instrument..."

  • The Inquirer: Intel to Cut Linux Out of the Content Market (2005-07-18 13:45:06)
    "Intel is about to cut Linux out of the legitimate content market, and hand the keys to the future of digital media to Microsoft at your expense. Don't like it? Tough, you are screwed..."

  • Linux, Unix, /etc/: Why I Like Lynx (2005-07-18 11:30:17)
    "Writing about BitTorrent the other day reminded me just how much I rely on lynx, the text-mode web browser. So I thought I'd write a few words explaining just what it is about that clunky old program that so appeals to me.

  • Tux:Tops: Review of Sharp Zaurus SL-5500 (2005-07-18 10:00:56)
    "The SL-5500 has been reviewed over and over in the last few years, so our review's conclusion will be on how well the PDA stacks up against today's PDA competition..."

  • Linux Journal: At the Sounding Edge: FreeWheeling (2005-07-18 08:30:29)
    "An introduction to audio looping software and a fun program to test drive it..."

  • SearchEnterpriseLinux: Dos & Don'ts: Linux Migration Tips for Windows Admins (2005-07-18 07:00:45)
    "If a Windows administrator looks in a crystal ball, he'll probably see a Linux server entering his data center; that is, if he's not sitting next to a Linux box already..."