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Infrastructure Linux News for Aug 31, 2005

  • Mad Penguin: First look at aLinux 12.5 (Aug 31, 2005, 23:30)
    "This is where aLinux enters the picture. This version of Linux, which sprang up from a distribution called 'Peanut,' strives to have all the good looks and flash plus all the cool multimedia features desktop users are demanding..."

  • Red Herring: Robot Care for Graying Japan (Aug 31, 2005, 19:00)
    "Mitsubishi Heavy Industries will begin taking orders for Wakamaru, its meter-tall, bright yellow humanoid robot designed to provide care and companionship for the elderly..."

  • Softpedia: Do You Know Which Linux Distribution Suits You Best? (Aug 31, 2005, 18:15)
    "The answer to this problem usually comes after long hours of studying paper works or huge amount of documentation on the Internet, forums or Linux sites..."

  • Linux Journal: At the Sounding Edge: Dave's Distractions (Aug 31, 2005, 13:00)
    "It's hard to stay on track when so much great new Linux audio software and resources are being released..."

  • GNUman: KMyMoney [Review] (Aug 31, 2005, 08:30)
    "For those who have used GnuCash and pulled their hair out when first learning how to use it KMyMoney is much simpler...

  • Customizing FVWM Even More (Aug 31, 2005, 07:00)
    "In this article I'll be looking at further ways of customizing the windows manager to improve the basic desktop..."

  • OSDir: Pocketlinux: From Slack Blah to (KDE Light) Bling (Aug 31, 2005, 02:30)
    "...'pocketlinux is a new Slackware-based distribution created by former developers of the Bonzai Linux distribution. Its main features are a simplified Slackware installer...' Whoa... okay I've read enough... where's the download link...?" [Our link repaired. -ed.]

  • ZDNet: Self Defeating Desktop Linux Strategies (Aug 31, 2005, 01:00)
    "The article drew 155 talkback comments, mostly from people offering their views on why desktop Linux appears to have run out of steam..."