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Infrastructure Linux News for Oct 24, 2005

  • Free Software Magazine: Licensing Bait and Switch (2005-10-24 23:30:06)
    "[Microsoft] may even accomplish this with the full help of OSI (Open Source Initiative) and even the Free Software Foundation--simply by writing three software licenses that nothing important will ever be released under..."

  • vnunet: UK Graphics Firm Takes on Microsoft (2005-10-24 22:45:24)
    "A small UK graphics software house is desperately trying to fight its corner against Microsoft by giving away its software to any Linux user prepared to help the company..."

  • Corvalis Gazette-Times: OSU Celebrates Success of Firefox (2005-10-24 21:15:05)
    "In order to celebrate 100 million downloads of Firefox, an open source Web browser distributed with the help of Oregon State University, a NASA weather balloon was launched..."

  • LinuxPlanet: Teaming Up with Zimbra's Collaboration Suite (2005-10-24 20:30:47)
    "Email is a pretty mundane topic these days. Since it's so pervasive, the subject is rarely brought up at social gatherings. And, if other email systems work the same, why switch to anything new...?"

  • Phoronix: Doom 3 v. Quake 4 Performance (2005-10-24 19:00:08)
    "With Quake 4 being available for retail sales here in the United States for a couple of days now, and even the Linux binaries... now is our first time delivering frame-rate performance results from inside Quake 4..."

  • eWeek: Looking at OpenOffice.org 2 (2005-10-24 16:45:12)
    A brief comparison of OpenOffice.org 2 and StarOffice 8 graces the pages of eWee; as well as a look at OO.o's newest feature: Base.

  • LXer: Did Bill Gates Invent Linux and Has He Erased the Evidence? (2005-10-24 14:30:55)
    "Someone has started rearranging content on the Internet to suit their own purposes and the culprit might be a convicted monopolist. This article examines some compelling evidence and asks Congress to investigate..."

  • LinuxDevices: Device Profile: DeLaval Voluntary Milking System (2005-10-24 12:15:37)
    "A 122-year-old dairy equipment company has used embedded Linux in a robotic cow-milking system (the system is robotic, not the cows)..."

  • Tux Machines: LG3D-Livecd 2.3 [Review] (2005-10-24 10:45:58)
    "A new concept is amongst us and lg3d is its name. I test drove the livecd this evening and I've never experienced anything quite like it before..."

  • Boot Me! (2005-10-24 08:30:41)
    "However, from power-on to login prompt there is a long road for our GNU-powered friend to travel..." Articles from Free Software Magazine and Linux Journal highlight that process.

  • Capnkirby: Mandriva 2006 [Review] (2005-10-24 07:00:48)
    "A few years back when I realized that Linux was becoming my passion, and that Lycoris was not powerfully enough for my needs, I found Mandrake..."

  • Enterprise Networking Planet: Unix or Windows? Choose an OS for Net Services (2005-10-24 05:30:06)
    "We all know that Linux is available free of cost, so we're going to skip that argument and consider things from a functional perspective..."

  • O'Reilly: EuroOSCON: Remembering the End User (2005-10-24 01:00:03)
    "Daniel Steinberg reports on some of the sessions and keynotes that spanned the first two days of O'Reilly's first-ever European Open Source Convention..." [Link repaired. -ed.]