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Infrastructure Linux News for Sep 22, 2006

  • Editor's Note: A Matter of Trust (2006-09-22 22:30:37)
    Microsoft has put out a patent promise to the open source community. Is it enough to begin a trusting relationship with the community?

  • LinuxDevices: Teeny Linux PCs Proliferate (2006-09-22 18:00:28)
    "Gumstix formed in Jan. of 2004, and shipped its first tiny SBC and case four months later. Since then, the six-person company has churned out 26 products, most either revisions to its tiny SBC design, or expansion cards for it..."

  • LinuxPlanet: Interop: More Net Management Products Move to Linux (2006-09-22 15:00:45)
    "Citing a rise in customer demand for Linux, companies at this week's Interop show demo'd new Linux-enabled products running the gamut from multifunctional management appliances to specialized software for combatting viruses and administering UPS power devices..."

  • ITObserver: Block Network Attacks with SnortSAM (2006-09-22 10:30:01)
    "SnortSAM is an open source agent that allows Snort intrusion detection system to block attacking connections by reconfiguration of access control lists on firewalls..."

  • Linux.com: MedPix Medical Image Database Uses Healthy Dose of FOSS (2006-09-22 09:45:38)
    "MedPix is a sprawling online medical images database and diagnostic tool that's used around the world by radiologists, nurses, physicians, and medical students--and the whole system is powered by Linux and open source software..."

  • BitUbique: Supercharge Your Download Using Axel and LFTP (2006-09-22 09:00:13)
    "If you happen to be the customer of Malaysia's leading ISP, sooner or later you will discover they wide disparity between the bandwidth that they advertised and the real, day-to-day, 'normal' speed that you actually get..."

  • LinuxDevices: Linux Hackers Get First Dibs on Next-Gen DVR (2006-09-22 08:15:34)
    "Neuros Technology is offering Linux hackers first dibs on beta units of its next-gen DVR (digital video recorder)..."

  • SearchOpenSource: Seven Tips for Optimizing Shell Script Security (2006-09-22 07:30:17)
    "The shell script is ubiquitous on Linux hosts. Administrators use shell scripts to run backups, purge /tmp directories, monitor processes and create users, just to name a few tasks..."

  • Linux.com: Double Your Fun with QuadKonsole (2006-09-22 06:00:17)
    "Sometimes it's the simple ideas that produce powerful applications--like a terminal emulator that provides several shells side by side in a single window..."

  • Phoronix: NVIDIA 1.0-9XXX Series Preview (2006-09-22 03:00:41)
    "It was a year ago today that we were here to share with you what to expect from NVIDIA's 1.0-8XXX Linux display drivers..."

  • ZDNet: How You Acquire Open Source Projects (2006-09-22 01:30:13)
    "The integration, both personal and technical, occurs before the deal closes. The price, based on sales, is determined afterward..."

  • Spackman: Switching from KDE to WinXP (2006-09-22 00:45:00)
    "In fact, I am not going to review the WinXP or Linux operating systems. This is a review of 'desktop environments...'"

  • Phoronix: ATI 8.29.6 Display Drivers (2006-09-22 00:00:28)
    "Once again, it is the time of the month when new ATI display drivers are presented and it's now the task of Phoronix to evaluate this latest package..."