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Infrastructure Linux News for Mar 19, 2007

  • Ofset.org: Pre-installed Linux: Forget PC's. Why not USB-Disks? (2007-03-19 23:30:45)
    "Consumers are unfamiliar with Linux? But Linux is irrelevant. Many consumers are already familiar with the Windows version of some cross-platform applications that allow personal tweaking just like firefox with its plugins and extensions. The alternative is not Windows, but rather a USB harddisk that is completely passive, and other people's desktop that is truely unfamiliar!"

  • tectonic: Pharmacy System Using Ubuntu to Fight AIDS (2007-03-19 13:00:32)
    "Due to issues of reliability and security, Cell-Life have created iDART-in-a-box, which is a complete system running on Ubuntu Linux..."

  • TechIQ: Software Developers Rally Around Red Hat (2007-03-19 11:30:40)
    "The open source community has had The VAR Guy's ear since yesterday's big Red Hat announcements..."

  • InformIT: Free Software Versus Open Source Software (2007-03-19 10:00:12)
    "In the early 1980s, Richard M. Stallman (RMS) was working at MIT's artificial intelligence lab. The lab had just bought a new printer from Xerox, and had a few problems with it..."

  • everyday linux howtos: Dockers for Linux (2007-03-19 08:30:04)
    "If you run KDE, you aren't just stuck with the standard 'kicker' panel to operate as your app launcher and taskbar..."

  • ZDNet: The Three Open Source Markets (2007-03-19 01:00:03)
    "A decade ago, when I was working for another publisher, they put all readers into three boxes, the makers, the sellers, and the buyers of technology..."