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Infrastructure Linux News for May 21, 2007

  • My Great Linux System Repair Adventure (2007-05-21 23:15:28)
    Linux-Watch: "Thunder storms in the Blue Ridge Mountains can come fast. That's why my main Linux desktop system was still up when one, two, three lightning bolts slammed near my home..."

  • What is a Distro? (2007-05-21 21:45:07)
    Linux.com: "I sat through an interesting debate recently on the Austin Linux Group mailing list over the meaning of the term 'distro...'"

  • Why People Really Don't Switch to Linux (2007-05-21 21:00:00)
    DesktopLinux: "Over in the DesktopLinux forums, people have been talking about why--if Linux is so darned great--don't people give up Windows and move to it..."

  • Intel Q965 Graphics Performance (2007-05-21 20:15:53)
    Phoronix: "However, with display drivers constantly improving, we recently carried out some additional Intel Q965 graphics tests along with comparing these numbers to discrete graphics solutions from AMD/ATI and NVIDIA..."

  • Red Hat Releases Free Replacements for Windows Core Fonts (2007-05-21 18:00:26)
    Linux.com: "Available for immediate download, the Liberation fonts are intended to let users share documents between free operating systems and Windows..."

  • Linux Set to Replace Palm OS (2007-05-21 17:15:00)
    Computerworld NZ: "Palm's announcement earlier this month of the Palm OS Treo 755p provoked some questions regarding whether this would be the last Palm device to run the Palm Garnet OS, now that Palm is embracing Linux..."

  • Are These Dell's Ubuntu PCs? (2007-05-21 15:45:53)
    DesktopLinux: "Dell reportedly will release its new Ubuntu-powered computers on May 24.

  • What If Every Child Had A Laptop? (2007-05-21 15:00:58)
    CBS News/60 Minutes: "Nicholas Negroponte, a professor at MIT, had a dream. In it every child on the planet had his own computer..."

  • Moglen's Slides and Talk on SUSE Vouchers & GPLv3 Available (2007-05-21 13:30:31)
    Groklaw: "Yesterday, we got the stunning news that the SUSE vouchers have no expiration date, a legal oversight that looks to be the wooden stake in the Novell-Micorosoft patent peace agreement's heart..."

  • It's Official! We're in the Indy 500! (2007-05-21 12:45:53)
    Tux500: "I just got back from the track... and what a day for Chastain Motorsports... what a day for Roberto Moreno... what a day for the Linux community..."

  • More Terminal Programs You Should be Using... Like a Pro (2007-05-21 10:30:31)
    Motho ke motho ka botho: "I'll have to glaze over the last few console programs I wanted to mention, and leave it to you to investigate them fully..."

  • Quick Custom Text Ad Placement in WordPress Blog Categories (2007-05-21 09:00:10)
    Linux.com: "WordPress plugins abound for Google AdSense and other third-party text ad brokers, but what happens when someone wants to buy ad space directly from you, on a specific category page in your blog...?"

  • Help! My Linux Won't Start (2007-05-21 07:30:30)
    ITtoolbox: "At one stage of our Linux adventure we have all come across this situation. Here you are happily exploring and tweaking your system when all of a sudden it doesn't start any more..."