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Infrastructure Linux News for May 25, 2007

  • Software Patents: Microsoft Jumps the Shark (2007-05-25 21:00:30)
    OpenSourceLaw: "This article has been written with a great deal of skill. It has painted the scenario in a dramatic manner and one which highlights some dire consequences..."

  • Hearing Scheduled for SJ Motions in SCO v. Novell May 31 (2007-05-25 19:30:06)
    Groklaw: "Be there or be square, as my dear granny used to say--May 31st, in Judge Dale Kimball's courtroom, at 9 AM sharp..."

  • MySQL Chief: Being Open Source is Not Enough (2007-05-25 18:00:05)
    The Register: "Open source startups can hit profitability sooner than it took closed source incumbents, as long as they steer clear of rivals' costly business practices..."

  • EFF Defends Novell Partnership (2007-05-25 16:30:14)
    ZDNet UK: "The Electronic Frontier Foundation has defended its decision to partner with Novell over patent reform..."

  • These Are Dell's Ubuntu PCs (2007-05-25 15:00:09)
    DesktopLinux: "Here's a closer look at exactly what's what in Dell's initial line of Ubuntu-powered desktops and laptops..."

  • The Road to KDE 4: Konsole Gets an Overhaul (2007-05-25 10:30:15)
    dot.KDE: "Again, after a delay brought on by a bout Real Life, we return to bring you updates on the state of Konsole, KDE's UNIX terminal program..."

  • Unveiling the Art of Illusion (2007-05-25 09:45:53)
    Linux.com: "Blender gets the lion's share of press among free 3-D modeling applications, but it is not the only player in the field..."

  • Linux: CFS Group Level Fairness (2007-05-25 09:00:07)
    KernelTrap: "Following a review of Ingo Molnar's Completely Fair Scheduler, Srivatsa Vaddagiri posted a patch allowing the new scheduler..."

  • The Perfect Server--Mandriva 2007 Spring Free (2007-05-25 06:00:46)
    HowtoForge: "This is a detailed description about how to set up a Mandriva 2007 Spring Free server that offers all services needed by ISPs and hosters..."

  • Review: PCLinuxOS 2007 Final Release (2007-05-25 03:00:00)
    Seopher: "I've lost count how many times I've been here; sitting in front of Kwrite as I review the latest and greatest release from the PCLinuxOS team: PCLOS2007..."

  • Is Ubuntu the Linux OS for Law Firms? (2007-05-25 01:30:20)
    Law.com: "To Vista or not to Vista; is that really the question? With Microsoft's long-awaited operating-system upgrade, well ... upon us ... it might be time to consider alternatives..."

  • The N800 Surfs Nicely, But How Does It Game? (2007-05-25 00:00:46)
    Ars Technica: "In the hopes of finally finding the perfect all-in-one mobile device for myself, I cast aside my plans to get a nice MacBook and instead picked up a Nokia N800..."