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Infrastructure Linux News for Jun 01, 2007

  • Sun Hopes Project Indiana Will Help OpenSolaris (2007-06-01 19:30:08)
    CNET News: "Sun Microsystems has revealed the outline of a project code-named Indiana, an effort to package up the OpenSolaris operating system into a convenient and usable 'distribution' in the mold of Linux..."

  • Firefox 1.5 Gets Its Last Update (2007-06-01 15:00:44)
    internetnews.com: "Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more..."

  • Kimball Takes It Under Advisement--SCO v Novell Hearing (2007-06-01 13:30:21)
    Groklaw: "His longer report will come after he can type it up, but as expected the judge took it under advisement. No. Boies didn't argue for SCO..."

  • Fedora 7--My Personal Bugfest (2007-06-01 11:15:27)
    /home/liquidat: "I already got a copy of the last RC and have been bug hunting since then. And I gathered quite some over the last days, unfortunately, but most are simply due to new, not yet tested application features..."

  • The Road to KDE 4: Kwin Composite Brings Bling to KDE (2007-06-01 10:30:54)
    dot.KDE:"KWin, KDE's window manager, has been around since KDE 2.0 (replacing KWM in KDE 1.x) and has grown to be a mature and stable window manager over the years..."

  • Xubuntu Gets Feisty (2007-06-01 09:45:01)
    LinuxDevCenter: "In some ways the new release does take a step forward but in some truly important areas it took a couple of steps backwards and has been something of a disappointment..."

  • Ubuntu Goes Ultraportable (2007-06-01 09:00:05)
    XYZ Computing: "Recently I had a chance to spend some time with Fujitsu's P7230 ultraportable notebook..."

  • Hacking Firefox: The Secrets of about:config (2007-06-01 08:15:54)
    Computerworld: "Ever since its debut, Firefox has garnered a reputation for being an enormously customizable program, both through its add-on architecture and its internal settings..."

  • Tip of the Trade: Voyage Linux (2007-06-01 07:30:57)
    ServerWatch: "The tiny Linux category is filled with excellent, stripped-down specialized Linuxes for all occasions, from desktops to servers to routers to Internet kiosks, and everything else you can think of..."

  • Kiosktool Locks Down KDE Users' Desktops (2007-06-01 06:00:56)
    Linux.com: "Recently I wrote about locking down the GNOME desktop environment with Pessulus..."

  • Installing Liberation Fonts on Linux (2007-06-01 05:15:17)
    Tectonic: "Red Hat recently released a set of free fonts designed to be a metrically-exact replacement for the Microsoft Core TrueType fonts..."

  • Dell + Linux + Wal-Mart (2007-06-01 02:15:34)
    NetworkWorld: "Lots of news from Dell about Linux lately. A few weeks ago, Dell said they planned to preload Ubuntu Linux version 7.04 on three new PCs, two desktops and a laptop..."

  • Short Overview: Current State of Mesa and OpenGL on Linux (2007-06-01 01:30:37)
    /home/liquidat: "Graphics in Linux has several problems and issues: first of all there is only Intel providing real free graphics drivers--but Intel does not build high-end graphics software..."

  • Are Linux Vendors Predatory? (2007-06-01 00:00:55)
    ZDNet: "I want to continue our discussion about penguins as predators by talking about Covalent..."