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Infrastructure Linux News for Jun 25, 2007

  • Is Money a Good Measure of OSS Success? (Jun 25, 2007, 23:15)
    InfoWorld: "This comment from Stacey (Hyperic) got me thinking... is money a good measure of OSS success...?"

  • Why Red Hat Doesn't Need a Deal with Microsoft (Jun 25, 2007, 22:00) "Red Hat doesn't appear to be interested in the least. Here's why..."

  • PCLinuxOS 2007 Synaptic Sections--Radically Screwed Up (Jun 25, 2007, 21:00)
    Ye Olde Blogge: "Everybody knows PCLinuxOS is radically simple, right? And it is..."

  • openSUSE 10.2--A Review (Jun 25, 2007, 20:30)
    Shift+Backspace: "Recently there has been plenty of news regarding the alpha releases of the next openSUSE release, 10.3..."

  • Mandriva 2007.1 Spring Review (Jun 25, 2007, 20:00)
    PolishLinux: "This April Mandriva presented its new distribution called Spring. Despite the fact that it is 'only' 2007.1 it has changed a lot since 2007.0..."

  • NVIDIA Graphics: Linux v. Solaris (Jun 25, 2007, 18:45)
    Phoronix: "For this article we have taken NVIDIA's latest display driver for Linux and Solaris (v100.14.11) and ran it on both operating systems..."

  • Standards, Virtual Worlds and The Big Question (Jun 25, 2007, 17:15)
    ConsortiumInfo: "Today, of course, that Oh Wow! moment is more likely to involve a video game or, more recently, a virtual world..."

  • Linux Computer Fits in USB Key (Jun 25, 2007, 16:30)
    LinuxDevices: "A start-up located in the French Alps near Grenoble is readying a tiny ARM-based Linux single-board computer in a USB key form-factor..."

  • Linux: Kernel Documentation and Translations (Jun 25, 2007, 15:30)
    KernelTrap: "Following a recent patch that translated Documentation/HOWTO into Japanese, a new patch offered a translation of the same document into Chinese..."

  • Windows vs. Linux vs. OS X: CIO John Halamka Tests SUSE (Jun 25, 2007, 14:30)
    CIO: "When we last heard from John Halamka it was October 2006, and the CareGroup CIO had wrapped up a three-month trial of four different operating systems..."

  • The Case Against OOXML (Jun 25, 2007, 14:00)
    <NO>OOXML:"Rob Weir is explaining in 10 pages why the proposed OOXML standard should be rejected, and why it conflicts with existing ISO standards..."

  • Setting Up Postfix As A Backup MX (Jun 25, 2007, 10:30)
    HowtoForge: "In this tutorial I will show how you can set up a Postfix mailserver as a backup mail exchanger for a domain..."

  • Leaving a Trail of Breadcrumbs (Using Bookmarks) in OpenOffice Writer (Jun 25, 2007, 09:00) Training, Tips, and Ideas: "I want to point out something specific today. You can insert bookmarks in a Writer document, and use the Navigator to find them..."

  • Make Your Own Distro, in Easy Steps (Jun 25, 2007, 07:30)
    CyberOrg: "Jiri Suchomel has created YaST module that makes creating KIWI images breeze, here are the steps to create your own live distro..."

  • Arch Voodoo Install (Jun 25, 2007, 06:00)
    Techzone: "Arch has been my primary Linux distribution for two years and I dual boot it with Windows XP on my Thinkpad..."

  • The Guide to 100%-Linux/KDE/Desktop-Success (Jun 25, 2007, 00:00)
    Peter P. Parker Critical Views on Linux: "This is a guide on how Linux and especially the KDE desktop could revolutionize the world of computers and operating systems and bring a major breakthrough so Linux would go mainstream..."