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Infrastructure Linux News for Jun 29, 2007

  • The Distro Jungle (2007-06-29 19:30:56)
    developerWorks: "And one of the most confusing things about distributions, for the beginner, is that there is no official definition of what a distribution is, exactly: distributions existed in many forms long before anyone cared..."

  • Why You Should Be Excited About Ubuntu 7.10 (2007-06-29 18:45:33)
    ArsGeek: "Why? Because it's going to fix one of the four major issues keeping Linux off desktops..."

  • Highly Discounted Linux Web Tablets Pop Up (2007-06-29 18:00:17)
    LinuxDevices: "At least two large online retailers are selling Nokia's 770 Internet Tablet for $140..."

  • Centric CRM Opts for Open Software License (2007-06-29 16:30:54)
    Open for Business: "It's funny how things work out sometimes... When IT Business Edge spoke to intellectual property attorney Lawrence Rosen last week, we just wanted his take on GPL v3..."

  • iPhone-like Linux Phone Delayed (2007-06-29 15:45:57)
    eWeek: "As Apple launches its iPhone today, a company attempting to build a similar touchscreen-based phone around an open, user-extensible Linux OS has acknowledged significant delays..."

  • Lightning and Sunbird 0.5 Released (2007-06-29 13:30:06)
    Linux.com: "The newest versions of Lightning and Sunbird, released simultaneously by Mozilla yesterday, include 38 new calendars as well as support for Google Calendar..."

  • Simple Linux Backup Rolls Out New Rev (2007-06-29 10:30:02)
    DesktopLinux: "The Simple Linux Backup project announced the release of version 0.3.2 today..."

  • 10 Ideas to Improve GNOME (2007-06-29 09:00:57)
    VentureCake: "We love GNOME. Sometime around 2.6 it started becoming really, really damned good, and a lot faster and more responsive..."

  • Set-Up a Ubuntu Webcam Security System (2007-06-29 07:30:08)
    InfectedProject: "Have you ever wanted to see on what is going on in your home while you are away? Motion is a piece of open source software that acts as a motion detector..."

  • Entering A Safe Mirror When Logging In With Unionfs And Chroot (2007-06-29 04:30:14)
    HowtoForge: "When reading a 'hint' on the website of LinuxFromScratch I discovered the special capabilities of unionfs, specially in combination with chroot..."

  • Yoper 3.0 Requires Some Tinkering (2007-06-29 03:00:55)
    Linux.com: "Yoper claims to be a high-performance Linux distribution optimized for newer processors..."

  • Comedy at the British Open Source Consortium (2007-06-29 01:30:00)
    ZDNet: "The BBC had initially chosen to concentrate on a Windows-based system as it is the world's dominant operating system...

  • Is the Next President of the United States Running Linux? (2007-06-29 00:45:26)
    The Marketing Technology Blog: "That got me even more curious, what was the site developed on...?"