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Infrastructure Linux News for Jul 19, 2007

  • Interoperability Without Patent Agreements. Really. (2007-07-19 23:00:46)
    Hoosier Penguin: "Anyway, Zenoss: if you haven't played with this app, I suggest you give it a spin. There are a lot of monitoring tools out there, but this is one that I think rises to the top..."

  • Darl McBride: SCO's Prophet and Savior (2007-07-19 22:30:47)
    Benanzo: "I was recently perusing through some old podcasts and came across an IT Conversations episode from November of 2003..."

  • How Linux Will Enter the Legal Market (2007-07-19 21:00:06)
    Legal Technology Blog: "I wanted to wrap up the general thread of the last three posts I wrote regarding Linux in the law office, as from some of the comments posted, I believe some of the points I had made were unclear..."

  • Migrating to Linux? Use These Open Source Apps (2007-07-19 20:30:59)
    Intranet Journal: "In this article, we'll examine ten of these applications, with the understanding that both browser and email clients will not be in this list..."

  • Illegal Codecs Put Me Off Linux (2007-07-19 20:00:52)
    Datamation: "Linux has a number of really strong points that go beyond the price... but the operating system falls short when it comes to legally supporting file formats such as MP3, WMA/WMV and DVDs..."

  • [Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon] Tribe 3 Test Release (2007-07-19 19:30:52)
    Ubuntu: "Gutsy Gibbon Tribe 3 is the third alpha release of Ubuntu 7.10, and with this new alpha release comes a whole host of excellent new features..."

  • Do We Still Need LUGs? (2007-07-19 17:15:00)
    Linux.com: "Attendance is down, LUG presidents say, and some groups have stopped meeting. Does this mean we don't need LUGs anymore...?"

  • Open Source PostgreSQL Trails Oracle In Benchmark, But Not By Much (2007-07-19 16:30:37)
    InformationWeek: "Sun Microsystems has published a test of the PostgreSQL system running on its UltraSparc Niagara hardware, producing one of the few high-end server benchmarks available on the open source PostgreSQL database..."

  • Software Freedom Law Center to Host Legal Summit (2007-07-19 15:45:53)
    Linux-Watch: "Then along came SCO with its lawsuit against IBM and its challenges to the legality of Linux, and everything changed..."

  • Xandros Bundles NoMachine Thin-Client Server (2007-07-19 12:00:30)
    Linux-Watch: "The companies claim that this extended Xandros-NoMachine alliance provides enhanced capabilities for secure and rapid access to graphical applications, running on any operating system across any network connection..."

  • App Restores Linux Desktops to Pristine State (2007-07-19 11:15:44)
    DesktopLinux: "Deep Freeze system consistency software, popular in Windows and Mac settings, is now available for Linux desktops..."

  • Maddog Mad About Linux Thin Clients (2007-07-19 09:45:51)
    LinuxDevices: "Well-known Linux luminary Jon 'maddog' Hall is CTO and 'ambassador' of a startup selling Linux-based thin clients and network appliances..."

  • Pan--A Feature-Rich Newsreader for Linux (2007-07-19 09:00:00)
    Linux.com: "If you still visit Usenet or occasionally participate in its discussions and newsgroups, you can get by with Linux newsgroup readers that are integrated into browsers or email clients such as Thunderbird, Evolution, and the Opera Web browser..."

  • BlueWhite64 Linux Adds Features and Enhancements (2007-07-19 08:15:28)
    DesktopLinux: "BlueWhite64 Linux v12.0, featuring a Linux kernel with IA32-emulation, has been released on live CD and DVD ISOs..."

  • How to Handle Thousands of Users with Your Blog (2007-07-19 04:30:50)
    ThemBid: "There have been multiple occasions where I am trying to read an article and the website is down..."

  • Windows Users are Whiners (2007-07-19 02:15:20)
    vnunet: "You probably bought a computer with Windows preinstalled and bought a new one when it came to a grinding halt. Next time try reinstalling it from scratch, drivers and applications included..."

  • The Future of Windows Should Be Open Source (2007-07-19 01:30:38)
    The Digital Home: "In typical Microsoft fashion, he continued: 'You don't want this audience to abandon Windows, so it's important to remind them that Windows is still the most interesting operating system to develop for...'"