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Infrastructure Linux News for Aug 27, 2007

  • On Valuing Freedom More than Cushy Jail Cells (2007-08-27 23:15:10)
    Linux Journal: "That's why I believe that the final success of Linux, and of free and open source software, will be an economy that values freedom and choice as much as it values scarcity..."

  • Linux Documentation: Often Ignored For Poor Community Advice (2007-08-27 22:30:25)
    Mad Penguin: "It has long since been my own personal experience that Linux documentation is largely ignored by Linux beginners in exchange for the interactivity of Linux forums..."

  • Why Sabayon Isn’t Gentoo (2007-08-27 20:15:10)
    The Open Source Activist:

  • Can Open Source Be Giving Comfort to the Enemy? (2007-08-27 19:30:44)
    The Long Tail: "I'm posting this because I feel honestly conflicted about something that's come up..."

  • Rob Myers Critique of Open Source (2007-08-27 19:00:27)
    P2P Foundation: "Yochai Benkler describes Open Source as a methodology of commons based peer production. This means work made collaboratively and shared publicly by a community of equals..."

  • More Irregularities in the OOXML ISO Process Surface (2007-08-27 17:00:17)
    Groklaw: "Rob Weir is reporting some very disturbing news about shenanigans in the OOXML ISO process..."

  • African Civil Society Warns Microsoft (2007-08-27 16:30:32)
    Africa News: "African Civil Society Organisations may be spoiling for war with the global software giant, Microsoft Corporation, over its bid to have its DIS 29500 'Office Open Extensible Markup Language' endorsed by the International Standard Organisation..."

  • Just How Many Linux Machines Will Dell Really Sell? (2007-08-27 14:30:59)
    blogbeebe: "I've been reading lately about how Dell is slated to sell just 20,000 PCs with Linux loaded on them..."

  • This Just In: China Votes "No with Comments" on OOXML (2007-08-27 13:30:24)
    ConsortiumInfo: "As I had noted in an earlier blog entry, China had been signalling some displeasure with Microsoft and OOXML in recent weeks, via Xinhua, the official government news agency, so this is not totally a surprise..."

  • Is That Light at the End of the Tunnel? (2007-08-27 12:45:51)
    Mandriva Blog: "So it will soon be time to cheer you up with some good news. We have been kind of quiet recently, which does not mean we have not been active..."

  • Intellectual Property Cold War Rages On (2007-08-27 12:00:20)
    OSWeekly: "I have pointed this out time and again. Like it or not, the patent war is already here..."

  • Midnight Commander in Action (2007-08-27 09:00:47)
    PolishLinux: "There are a lot of free file managers. There is Nautilus in GNOME environment (with GTK libraries), KDE users have Konqueror and Krusader..."

  • MainConcept: Release MainActor Into Open Source! (2007-08-27 07:30:15)
    Mad Penguin: "But correct me if I'm wrong, is MainActor not the perfect vehicle for moving the MPEG encoder...?"

  • How To Use NTFS Write Support (ntfs-3g) On Fedora 7 (2007-08-27 06:00:34)
    HowtoForge: "Normally Linux systems can only read from Windows NTFS partitions, but not write to them which can be very annoying if you have to work with Linux and Windows systems..."

  • Managing and Keeping Tabs of Network Traffic on Linux (2007-08-27 05:30:55)
    Rudd-O: "Is your Net connection slow? Ever wonder what the hell's going down the wire? Here are five free and effective tools to diagnose network traffic issues..."

  • Frillions of Ways (2007-08-27 00:00:53)
    Open at Adobe: "It still amazes me how many people on both sides of the open source fence end up back in the same place..."