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Infrastructure Linux News for Oct 28, 2007

  • The Battle For Wesnoth [Review] (2007-10-28 20:00:54)
    Phoronix: "From conceiving your own units and characters to forging the worlds you dream of being in, the Battle for Wesnoth is a must-have download for any gamer out there..."

  • Vixta: Nice Concept, Incomplete Execution (2007-10-28 16:00:32)
    Linux.com: "Vixta is a new Linux distribution, first released only last month, based on the not-yet-released Fedora 8. Its main objective is to emulate the visual aspects of Microsoft Vista..."

  • Is Linux Really Losing Market Share to Windows? (2007-10-28 14:00:37)
    Linux-Watch: "I, for one, think that what IDC is measuring and what server operating systems people are really using are two entirely different things..."

  • Linux-Friendly Browser Syncs Devices, Desktops (2007-10-28 12:00:23)
    LinuxDevices: "Multi-platform browser vendor Opera Software today released a synchronization program said to share Opera browser information among desktops, mobile phones, and other devices..."

  • Maybe UCANN School ICANN on Whois (2007-10-28 04:00:30)
    Linux Journal: "Raise your hand if you use whois every day. Even if your hand isn't up, and you just regard whois as an essential sysadmin tool, this post is for you..."