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Infrastructure Linux News for Oct 29, 2007

  • Dell Could Be A Big Key In Linux Adoption (2007-10-29 22:30:24)
    Mad Penguin: "Better hardware support--this is something we would all like to see happen. And it seems that it could happen, thanks in part to a Dell supported project known as DKMS..."

  • Distros Don't Drive Development (2007-10-29 21:00:47)
    dblog: "Lots of press and people focus on Linux distributions when they check out what happens in Linux land..."

  • Revenge of the Activist-Writers (2007-10-29 20:15:52)
    The Jem Report: "Brian's right in that he should be more discriminating with his news picks, but I have the feeling his job is going to get tougher as the rise of Linux blogs and advocacy sites make it more difficult to find reliable and authoritative Linux-oriented stories..."

  • ODF Alliance Hails Record Growth in Application Support for ODF (2007-10-29 18:45:20)
    Enterprise Linux Log: "It was a cool and completely foreboding premise: in the not so distant future documents of all kinds will be unreadable because the software that created them was proprietary, locked, and access expired with its creator..."

  • NetApp Losing 'Spew Dot Oh' Blog War to Sun (2007-10-29 17:15:37)
    The Register: "The 'Participation Age' has revealed a brand new aspect to patent lawsuits--Executive Spew Dot Oh..."

  • Negroponte: Windows Key to OLPC Philosophy (2007-10-29 15:30:18)
    ZDNet UK: "...[T]he head of the One Laptop per Child project has said the scheme could not promote openness if it blocked Windows..."

  • Who Breached the APA, and When? (2007-10-29 15:00:06)
    Groklaw: "Nowhere in the Motion does Novell state (because it cannot) that the Debtors (or their predecessors in interest) have ever failed to remit the required royalty payments in a timely fashion in the 12 years since the APA was executed..."

  • Name'n and Shame'n Where the Credit is Due: Setting the Record Straight on (Non)Voting in SC 34 (2007-10-29 14:30:58)
    ConsortiumInfo: "About ten days ago I reported that SC 34, the ISO/IEC JTC1 committee responsible for evaluating OOXML, has been unable to make progress on any of its other important initiatives since the OOXML vote..."

  • Novell Lays Off 250 U.S. Workers (2007-10-29 12:45:44)
    Reuters/InformationWeek: "Business software maker Novell laid off 250 workers in the United States as part of an ongoing restructuring program to slash costs, company spokesman Bruce Lowry said Friday..."

  • The Linux-Based Neuros OSD (2007-10-29 12:00:48)
    OSNews: "Neuros Technology did it again: one more of their interesting media products hits the market, and this time it uses Linux. We used the Neuros OSD this past week and here's what we think about it..."

  • The Perfect Desktop--Linux Mint 3.1 "Celena" FE (2007-10-29 10:30:51)
    HowtoForge: "This document describes how to set up a Linux Mint 3.1 'full edition' desktop..."

  • Profitability First, Then Open Source, Works for Projity (2007-10-29 09:00:49)
    Linux.com: "Projity is a company that provides two alternatives to Microsoft's popular Project application. Project-On-Demand is software-as-a-service (SAAS) code that runs in any browser and is available via a monthly subscription..."

  • Using The Avant Window Navigator (AWN) On Fedora 7 (2007-10-29 06:00:03)
    HowtoForge: "The result is an eye candy, dock-like bar at the bottom of the screen as a replacement for the standard gnome-panel..."

  • Ripping and Encoding Audio Files in Linux (2007-10-29 00:00:08)
    Polish Linux: "Listening to the music played back from original audio CDs on a home computer creates clear discomfort--the CD drive is being blocked and the CDs have to be changed again and again..."