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Infrastructure Linux News for Apr 01, 2008

  • Flying Penguins Found by BBC Programme (2008-04-01 19:29:00)
    Telegraph: "BBC1 viewers will see the penguins not only take flight from the Antarctic wastes, but fly thousands of miles to the Amazonian rainforest to find winter sun..."

  • SCO Backs Slowly Toward the Door (2008-04-01 18:00:26)
    Groklaw: "SCO has settled a few things with the U.S. Trustee's office, withdrawing several motions, two 'without prejudice...'"

  • Government Announces Penguin-Proof Firewall (2008-04-01 17:59:18)
    free-bees.co.uk: "Today, government spokesman Uma Head made a startling announcement--that there were too many foreign operating systems in Britain today, and something needed to be done..."

  • Bloggers are Bonkers for BeOS! (2008-04-01 16:29:18)
    Linux Journal: 'After seeing Linux Journal shift their focus to BeOS, I thought it would be great to blog about it..."

  • Mozilla's Firefox Hits 18 Percent of Corporate Desktops (2008-04-01 15:45:23)
    The Open Road: "As Mary Jo Foley reports on ZDNet, Mozilla Firefox's enterprise desktop market share is at 18 percent, according to a recent Forrester report..."

  • HTML5 Will Incorporate High Definition Extensions (2008-04-01 15:44:48)
    Linux.com: "High definition HTML is coming to a site near you--whether you will see it is another matter..."

  • Mono to be Renamed as Duo (2008-04-01 14:59:00)
    iTWire: "The well-known open-source Microsoft imitation Mono has been renamed Duo to better reflect the project's intentions and purposes..."

  • KDE's ISO Delegate Votes Yes to Office Open XML (2008-04-01 14:14:00)
    dot KDE: "This week saw the International Standards Organisation vote on adopting Office Open XML as a standard for office documents..."

  • Microsoft and Novell Announce Departure of OpenSUSE Project, Renewed Patent Strategy (2008-04-01 13:29:00)
    Boycott Novell: "As such, Microsoft and Novell decided to revise their strategic partnership and combine the best of two platforms' intellectual property, protected by an extensive portfolio of valuable patents..."

  • OOXML Standard Likely Approved; Official Word Tomorrow (2008-04-01 12:45:20)
    Roundup: While the official news won't be announced until April 2, close followers of the ISO/OOXML vote are reporting that the OOXML has been approved as a standard.

  • Asian Linux User Groups Aim Wide (2008-04-01 12:00:54)
    ZDNet Asia: "Linux user groups across the region are ramping up efforts and activities this year to raise public awareness of open source and attract more members..."

  • Japan's Plat'Home Launching Palm-Sized Linux Server in US (2008-04-01 10:30:57)
    Negative Approach: "Plat'Home, a very early Linux provider in Japan, is bringing its OpenBlock server, a small, easy-to-use, easy-to-configure solution for growing companies, to North America..."

  • WordPress 2.5 Review (2008-04-01 09:00:40)
    Socialized Software: "[Friday] the long awaited and somewhat delayed WordPress 2.5 was released. Today, I updated my installation today and though I had a few problems the upgrade to the new version was definitely worth it..."

  • Firefly Extension Turns Firefox into a File Browser (2008-04-01 07:30:28)
    Linux.com: "Nowadays, Web browsers can act as front ends to many other kinds of applications. For instance, if you want to browse and open the files on your hard drive from within Firefox, turn to the Firefly extension..."

  • Communicating With the Other Half: NTFS Support in Linux (2008-04-01 06:00:15)
    Linux Magazine: "NTFS support has been slow in coming to Linux. But new drivers are now available that enable you to read from, and even to write to, NTFS partitions, including removable media formatted with NTFS..."

  • How To Set Up SSH With Public-Key Authentication On Debian Etch (2008-04-01 04:30:29)
    HowtoForge: "This mini-howto explains how to set up an SSH server on Debian Etch with public-key authorization (and optionally with disabled password logins)..."

  • My Box Has Been Foxxed--Gecko, We Have A Problem (2008-04-01 03:00:44)
    Blog of Helios: "An update to .13 hosed my box. Unfortunately, it goes deeper than Firefox... it's Gecko as a whole and I will illustrate in a moment..."

  • Open Source: Made in Japan? (2008-04-01 01:30:57)
    The Open Road: "For years I've assumed that Japan is not a big contributor to open source..."

  • Ubuntu Linux 8: Is the Heron Hardier? (2008-04-01 00:00:51)
    iTWire: "It wasn't long ago that Gutsy Gibbon was in the news; Ubuntu's last release was touted as the easiest and most reliable Linux ever..."