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Infrastructure Linux News for Apr 22, 2008

  • I Sense Serious Changes (2008-04-22 23:15:13)
    Linux Journal: "Well, I am trying to be a mystic here but it seems like there is something really changing for the good right now..."

  • Is It Lift Off for Linux? (2008-04-22 21:00:31)
    BBC dot.life: "[Shuttleworth] main point was that Linux, and use of Ubuntu, was on the rise. He also had lots of interesting things to say about open source more broadly, the Microsoft-Yahoo deal etc, which I thought I'd detail here as a Q&A..."

  • Freeing Software for Users (2008-04-22 15:45:25)
    The Hindu: "Net users in the city and in Kerala are discovering and exploring the potential of free software.."

  • Slackware Linux 12.1 RC2 [Released] (2008-04-22 15:00:39)
    ComVan: "Slackware Linux is a complete 32-bit multitasking 'UNIX-like' system. It's currently based around the 2.4 Linux kernel series and the GNU C Library version 2.3.2 (libc6)..."

  • Top OLPC Executive Resigns After Restructuring (2008-04-22 14:15:35)
    PC World: "Drastic internal restructuring at the One Laptop Per Child Project has led to the resignation of one of the nonprofit's top executives from the effort..."

  • Linux To Power 20% Mobile Phones By 2013 (2008-04-22 13:30:12)
    InformationWeek: "It's not a forecast that will leave Symbian and Windows Mobile supporters quaking in their boots, but ABI Research is predicting that about 20% of middle and high-end mobile handsets will be running some form of the Linux operating system by 2013..."

  • Bradley Kuhn Makes a Better World Through Software Freedom (2008-04-22 12:00:14)
    Linux.com: "Kuhn, formerly the executive director of the Free Software Foundation, took some time recently to catch us up on his latest work..."

  • A Preview Of Kernel-Based Mode-Setting (2008-04-22 07:30:09)
    Phoronix: "As implied by its name, kernel mode-setting involves moving the mode-setting code for video adapters from the user-space X server drivers into the Linux kernel..."

  • Rethinking Gobuntu (2008-04-22 04:30:20)
    Blue-GNU: "In a few days, both the gNewSense and Gobuntu project will release a new version of their distributions. Based on Ubuntu Hardy Heron, they will aim at satisfying the most exigent users in terms of freedom..."

  • Why Microsoft Should Not Lose (And Free Software Will Still Win) (2008-04-22 03:00:36)
    Free Software Magazine: "There has always been a section of the free software community which has an anti-Microsoft agenda. It's almost like their mission statement is 'It's not over until Microsoft is dead...'"