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Infrastructure Linux News for May 22, 2008

  • Microsoft and ODF: Has Hades Gone Sub-Zero? (2008-05-22 22:30:20)
    Linux Journal: "At first sight this seems incredible--a complete U-turn from Microsoft. But it's important to remember that we have been here before..."

  • Switching, Literally, with Ulteo Virtual Desktop (2008-05-22 20:15:08)
    Flipping the Linux Switch: "We read about Ulteo's Virtual Desktop and its claims to run Linux apps quickly and smoothly under Windows. And we thought, 'Yeah, right...'"

  • South Africans Don't Understand OSS--Microsoft (2008-05-22 17:15:04)
    Tectonic: "Despite having an open source strategy the South African government doesn't really understand how to benefit from OSS. This is according to Microsoft director of corporate standards, Jason Matusow..."

  • EU to Investigate Microsoft File Format Support (2008-05-22 15:00:25)
    CNET News: "A new plan by Microsoft to allow its Office software to save and edit files in a rival format will face a probe by the European Commission..."

  • Compro Technology Accused of GPL Violation (2008-05-22 13:30:23)
    HeXus: "An eagle-eyed user of the Linux Kernel Mailing List archive, going by the name of Jo Shields, has accused Compro Technology of violating the General Public License..."

  • Office with ODF: No Parades in the Streets Yet (2008-05-22 12:45:37)
    Roundup: Microsoft said it's going to build native ODF support into Office 2007. Cause for celebration? Maybe not: analysts' takes from internetnews.com, and the potential legal pitfalls from Groklaw within.

  • Puppy Linux 4.0 on a Dell Inspiron 1150 Review (2008-05-22 12:00:43)
    Penguinway: "I got a chance to check out the latest Puppy release this week. Puppy Linux is a small Linux distribution (roughly 87 megabytes) that runs off of CD..."

  • Ubuntu 8.04 LTS vs. Windows XP SP3: Application Performance Benchmark (2008-05-22 10:30:13)
    Mohammed Saleh Blog: "Two months ago, I wanted to compare Windows XP to Ubuntu Linux in terms of applications performance. I thought that since most of Linux programs are cross-platform and available for Windows..."

  • 50 Awesome Open Source Resources for Online Writers (2008-05-22 07:30:59)
    Job Profiles: "With the popularity of blogging and online journals, writers working in the online realm have a growing number of opportunities all the time to practice and refine their craft, and maybe even get paid for it..."

  • 42 of the Best Free Linux Games (2008-05-22 06:00:22)
    LinuxLinks: "'Can I game on it' is a frequently asked question we hear from Windows users toying with the idea of trying Linux for the first time. Well, the simple answer is yes...!"

  • How To Run Linux From A USB Flash Drive (2008-05-22 04:30:20)
    TMCnet: "Most Linux distributions, such as Ubuntu, are capable of installing directly to a USB drive as if it were just another hard drive, but some distributions treat USB flash drives as a slightly special case..."

  • What Kind of Person Uses Linux, And Should You Be One of Them? (2008-05-22 03:00:26)
    Tom's Hardware: "So why is Linux losing out to the likes of Windows, which not only incurs charges for the operating system but also for most common applications...?"

  • No is Ark Verdict (2008-05-22 01:30:17)
    Linux.com: "Ark developers call it their 'security system,' but lack-of-security system would be more accurate. When you install the operating system, no password is set for the default user 'arklinux' or root. .."