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Infrastructure Linux News for May 23, 2008

  • Ubuntu to Announce its Mobile Linux in June (2008-05-23 21:00:39)
    Underexposed: "Canonical will announce Netbook Remix, its version of Ubuntu Linux tailored for mobile devices, in two weeks, Chief Executive Mark Shuttleworth said..."

  • OLPC Spinoff in Talks with Four Laptop Makers (2008-05-23 18:00:35)
    Crave: "Case in point: Walter Bender, who just left the OLPC initiative to start up its open-source software spinoff, is reportedly in 'informal discussions' to get its Linux operating system on low-cost laptops made by four manufacturers..."

  • OOXML Backwards Compatibility Led Microsoft to ODF (2008-05-23 16:30:31)
    ZDNet: "Microsoft's decision to add support to Office 2007 for the Open Document Format instead of its own OOXML office file format is due to backwards compatibility issues with OOXML, it has emerged..."

  • Linux Sales Grow 22 Per Cent in China (2008-05-23 15:00:53)
    vnunet: "The commercial Linux market in China has seen sales value increase 22.6 per cent over the past year, according to new research..."

  • South Africa Appeals OOXML Adoption (2008-05-23 13:30:52)
    ConsortiumInfo: "SABS, the National Body member of ISO/IEC JTC1 for South Africa, has filed a formal appeal with both ISO and IEC, challenging the Fast Track adoption of OOXML..."

  • QGtkStyle Makes KDE Apps Fit in With GNOME (2008-05-23 12:00:22)
    #open.ended: "Trolltech developer Jens Bache-Wiig is working on a new style engine for Qt that can leverage the user's default GTK+ theme..."

  • Become A System Rescue Guru With Linux, Part 2 (2008-05-23 10:30:32)
    LinuxPlanet: "Last week we learned how to rescue a failing hard drive by copying files to a second local hard drive. You can also copy files over the network, which is useful for nearly any problem, whether it's software or hardware..."

  • Using Last To Its Full Potential On Linux (2008-05-23 09:00:11)
    The Linux and Unix Menagerie: "Granted; the last command doesn't offer too much in the extra-functionality department, but it does have one very useful feature..."

  • Windows-Linux Integration (2008-05-23 07:30:22)
    informIT: "The use of Linux is no longer the sole preserve of IT administrators and tech-savvy computer users..."

  • AMD Catalyst 8.5 For Linux (2008-05-23 06:00:26)
    Phoronix: "All of the Catalyst Linux driver releases this year have been... well, boring..."

  • Comparing Linux USB Flash Disk Distros (2008-05-23 03:00:19)
    Linux.com: "The recent success of the ASUS Eee PC has shown that running Linux from flash memory is now commercially viable in the consumer market..."

  • Why Open Source Needs an Attitude Adjustment (2008-05-23 01:30:42)
    Tech's Bottom Line: "The first quarter of the year saw a record $203.7 million of venture capital flow to young open source companies. You'd think that would be a cause for celebration, but for too many members of the open source community money is, well, icky..."