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Infrastructure Linux News for Jun 25, 2008

  • How To Love Linux On The Desktop (2008-06-25 22:30:51)
    ChannelWeb: "Blowing away a computer and installing a different operating system is all part of a day's work for the Test Center..."

  • Bill Gates: It's a Wonderful Life (2008-06-25 21:00:36)
    eWeek: "What the world would have been like if Gates had never been born..." (Humor)

  • Punishment (2008-06-25 20:15:39)
    LinuxWorld: "William H. Page and Seldon J. Childers cite my podcast interview with Jeremy Allison in an article for the Northwestern University Law Review..."

  • Mobile Linux--Less Open, Less Advantage (2008-06-25 18:45:57)
    451 CAOS Theory: "This week's deal by Finnish giant Nokia to pay more than $400m for total ownership of Symbian so it can open the OS has stoked the red hot mobile Linux and open source coals, just in time for summer BBQs..."

  • Sorry Simon, But You're Still Screwing Up (2008-06-25 17:15:41)
    ZDNet: "This is like a candidate for re-election blaming the problems he faces on a predecessor from the other party..."

  • coLinux Gets Its Second Wind (2008-06-25 16:30:45)
    Linux.com: "Cooperative Linux (coLinux for short) occupies a unique niche in the field of virtualization--that of running GNU/Linux natively in Windows..."

  • Nokia Launches a Full Scale War for the Mobile OS (2008-06-25 15:00:18)
    Jim Zemlin's Blog: "It has been years since we have seen a full scale operating system war..."

  • Firefox 3.0 Boosts Mozilla's Market Share (2008-06-25 13:30:32)
    LinuxWorld Australia: "On the back of the release last week of Firefox 3.0, Mozilla's open-source browser gained market share at the expense of rivals Internet Explorer and Safari, Net Applications said Monday..."

  • Alpha Ubuntu for UMPCs is Developer Ready (2008-06-25 12:45:36)
    Practical Technology: "The company just announced on June 24 that the developer release of Ubuntu MID Edition 8.04 is ready for testing..."

  • New Media Center OS is Pleasing to the Eye and Ear (2008-06-25 11:15:13)
    Linux.com: "Acoustic Reality is a Danish company that sells speakers, amplifiers, storage devices, cables, and other products to build top-shelf home entertainment centers..."

  • Monitoring Network Performance with Speedometer (2008-06-25 09:00:33)
    Linux.com: "Speedometer shows a graph of your current and past network speed in your console, letting you see your network connection's up and downstream speed and history at a glance..."

  • Botnets and You: Save the World--Install Linux (2008-06-25 07:30:52)
    SUSE Linux Enterprise in the Americas: "Fancy yourself a crusader? Think Green all the time? That's going to help with the environment, but do you want to make a real difference in the world of computing and the Internet...?"

  • Run a Business Network on Linux: SMTP Forwarding (2008-06-25 06:00:20)
    Enterprise Networking Planet: "Virtually all servers have an option to email reports, logs, and alerts to the server administrator..."

  • Ekiga on Ubuntu 8.04 (2008-06-25 04:30:08)
    BeginLinux: "The biggest thing I like about Ekiga was that it was the default and I assumed as a result that it would be the easiest to get going..."

  • OpenSUSE 11: A Feature-Rich Distro in Search of Direction (2008-06-25 03:00:49)
    Datamation: "The result is a release that, while not completely ideal for an absolute newcomer, offers more advanced desktop users who have absorbed the GNU/Linux mania for tinkering..."

  • Open Source Solution to 'Dirty Data' Problem? (2008-06-25 01:30:24)
    Computer Business Review: "The problem of so-called 'dirty data'--data that contains duplications, omissions or other errors--has been a serious issue in corporate IT for many a year..."