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Infrastructure Linux News for Jul 23, 2008

  • Return of the InstallFest...It Starts Here (2008-07-23 22:00:27)
    Blog of Helios: "As far as the events for Lindependence in Felton go, Saturday’s event might be Lindependence’s last event before the formation of a LUG and an on-the-ground GNU/Linux presence in the area, but the spirit of Lindependence and movement itself are currently snowballing into something that will be felt in these parts, and happening at a rate faster than I had expected."

  • OSCON: Canonical's Shuttleworth Calls On Linux to Overtake Apple (2008-07-23 20:15:27)
    The VAR Guy: "Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Canonical and Ubuntu, delivered the keynote address at OSCON this evening. Here’s a recap of his presentation, which explored how free software can drive innovation — and how the Linux desktop has to become a piece of art that leapfrogs Apple within two years."

  • Killing the Desktop Metaphor with GNOME (2008-07-23 15:00:27)
    Open-Source.ecchi.ca: "One of the most significant problems I can see with the idea of having contents on a "desktop" is that most of the time, that desktop is hidden by multiple windows. To access your contents, you need to minimize a bunch of stuff, or hit ctrl-alt-D, or use the "Show desktop" panel applet, and when you are done, raise all your windows again. You keep moving things out of the way and putting them back in the way, all the time!"

  • Do We Need to Wipe the Slate With x86? (2008-07-23 14:00:27)
    ZDNet: "While today’s entry-level x86-based systems are hundreds, nay, thousands of times more powerful than the original IBM PC, in theory you can still run OSes on them bare metal that last saw the light of day on a production system in the early 1990s or even earlier."

  • Beyond the Desktop With KDE4 (2008-07-23 13:30:27)
    Tectonic: "Lately, there has been quite some bitching on the fringes of the KDE project about KDE4 and the direction it takes. Some people go as far as saying: “Give us back our old desktop!” I beg to differ. The old desktop has served us well for thirty-odd years since its invention by Xerox. It is beyond its due date by now. We need something new that meets the reality we are living in now."

  • ISO is Being Challenged (2008-07-23 12:45:27)
    Arnaud's Open Blog: "Essentially, the ISO and IEC courts of appeal are made of a jury composed of a subset of the very same parties that judged OOXML in the first place. Now, I’m not a law expert by any means but it doesn’t take much expertise to figure out that such a set up is bogus."

  • OLPC Wins International Design Excellence Award- 2008 (2008-07-23 12:00:27)
    International Design Excellence Awards: "Brilliant design for an even better cause. From the physical design to the sociological impact, every element of this laptop is exemplary of true innovation."

  • Open Source Cloud Computing Service 10gen Gets $1.5 Million (2008-07-23 09:30:27)
    OStatic: "Union Square Ventures, the venture firm that funded such names as Del.icio.us, FeedBurner, Etsy and Twitter, is investing $1.5 million in open source cloud computing service 10gen. 10gen's software stack is roughly comparable to Google App Engine..."

  • Fancy Globbing With Zsh On Linux and Unix (2008-07-23 08:00:27)
    The Linux and Unix Menagerie: "Today we're going to look at some stuff that's probably not much of an education for the zsh aficionado, but that I find pretty cool... I did what I could to verify that this stuff only works with zsh"

  • Linux Tip of the Day - Reset MYSQL Password (2008-07-23 06:30:27)
    dralnux: "If you forgot your mysql password and you have root access in your linux box, just follow this steps."

  • Linux Tools to Convert File Formats (2008-07-23 05:00:27)
    Linux.com "The easiest way to transfer data between systems is by using plain text files or common formats like comma-separated value (CSV) files. However, converting such files from Windows or Mac OS results in formatting differences for the newline characters and character encoding. This article explains why we have these problems and shows ways to solve them."

  • Face Off: Windows vs Linux Real World RAM and Disk Tests (2008-07-23 02:00:27)
    IT Wire: "How do Windows Vista and Linux really compare against each other? It’s one thing to talk about the familiar applications available to Windows users contrasted with the rich suite of free open source apps for Linux, but something totally different to actually compare the loads of the two operating systems as they perform functionally identical tasks."