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Infrastructure Linux News for Jul 25, 2008

  • The Final Days of DRM: Yahoo Music Store Closing, Will Eat Your Purchased Music (2008-07-25 23:30:07)
    ReadWriteWeb: "When the Yahoo! Music Store closes its doors this fall, the company announced today, past customers dependent on their music "phoning home" to get license approval before playing are out of luck. They'll be able to continue playing purchased tracks on a single computer, until they make any changes to their operating system."

  • Open source Telephony: a Fedora-based VoIP Server With Asterisk (2008-07-25 22:30:02)
    Red Hat Magazine: "This article will present a simple VoIP solution using Asterisk, an open source private branch exchange (PBX) product. It will show you how to install Asterisk, configure it using its LDAP backend, and connect to it using the Ekiga software VoIP client and a Cisco 7900 Series VoIP telephone to make calls."

  • Taking Breaks From Your Computer (2008-07-25 22:00:02)
    IT Wire: "I usually set the work interval to 55 minutes, the break interval to 5 minutes and check the box to allow for postponing of breaks. That's it. Very simple and easy. When a break happens, the screen is locked out, so it forces me to get up and move around."

  • Ultamatix: The New Automatix (2008-07-25 20:00:02)
    Softpedia: "Today we are pleased to announce the Automatix replacement: Ultamatix! It is actually based on Automatix, therefore it looks and acts exactly the same. The good news is that Ultamatix is designed to work with Ubuntu Ultimate Editon 1.8, Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron) and the unstable branch of Debian Linux."

  • Listen 0.5 - Yet Another Good GTK Audio Player (2008-07-25 19:00:02)
    Echoes: "Listen is a not so widely known audio player written in Python and using the GTK toolkit, with an interface similar to the one of Rhythmbox, and including features like a music library, podcasts support, lyrics fetching, Wikipedia integration, and Last.fm song submission."

  • An Advocacy Story: Cloning Bootable USB Sticks for the Audience (2008-07-25 17:00:02)
    Chao-Kuei's Notes: "I strongly believe that spreading GNU/Linux on usb sticks is a highly effective advocacy strategy. For example, it renders the debate about which OS to pre-install pointless if hardware vendors can be persuaded to sell diskless computers. As another example, InstallFest can be much lighter now: participants don't need to bring their notebook computers, and they don't have to spend time learning the "technical details" of the (scary!) 7 steps required to install Ubuntu."

  • Whither the Knol? Google Takes a New Experiment Live (2008-07-25 16:30:02)
    ConsortiumInfo: "Back in December of last year, Google posted a brief announcement of a new experiment in online publishing. At first blush it seemed to represent a challenge to the Wikipedia - but with a few differences."

  • Foxconn Deliberately Sabotaging Their BIOS to Destroy Linux ACPI (2008-07-25 15:00:02)
    Ubuntu Forums: "Linux and FreeBSD do not work with this motherboard due to it's ACPI configuration, using a disassembler program, I have found that it detects Linux specifically and points it to bad DSDT tables, thereby corrupting it's hardware support..."

  • Open Source P2P Streaming Getting Ready to Disrupt CDN Models (2008-07-25 14:00:02)
    NewTeeVee: "Pouwelse acknowledged that the system needed some tweaking early on, but the reason wasn’t that P2P wasn’t working. Instead, it worked too well, blasting the client with huge amounts of data that overloaded the client computer’s CPU and affected live playback."

  • Debian Looks to Launch Lenny in Sept. (2008-07-25 13:30:02)
    Desktop Linux: "The Debian project's maintainer, Luke Claes, announced in an email Saturday that it will freeze the "testing" or "Lenny" tree, in preparation for a new stable release of Debian Linux. On Claes's checklist for September 2008: "Release lenny!""

  • 2016: "You're watching the Linux Channel" (2008-07-25 06:35:53)
    Tech Broiler: "His morning double espresso with frothed skim milk and mocha is already waiting for him, thanks to his new Korean-made LG RoboCafe, which brews and extracts a perfect crema every time using pre-portioned, mess-free nitrogen-sealed pods imported from Brazil."

  • Ottawa Linux Symposium 10, Day 1 (2008-07-25 03:35:53)
    Linux.com: "The tenth annual Ottawa Linux Symposium kicked off Wednesday in Canada's capital, just a few blocks from the country's parliament building, in a conference centre in the midst of being torn down. The symposium started with the traditional State of the Kernel address, this year by Matthew Wilcox. Among the dozens of talks and plenaries held the first day was kernel wireless maintainer John Linville's Tux on the Air: the State of Linux Wireless Networking."

  • Linux Users: Why So Serious? (2008-07-25 02:05:53)
    Linux Haxor: "Despite coming from a very rich and early history, linux OS consumer market share is less than 1%; and the community more divided than ever. What are we doing wrong?"